Test Your Colorado Trivia Skills at Untitled #54 (Turf)

Test Your Colorado Trivia Skills at Untitled #54 (Turf)

So, you’ve climbed every fourteener and slept in 32 of the 34 10th Mountain Division backcountry huts. You have a state parks pass on your windshield and gaiters at the ready in your trunk. In other words, you feel pretty darn confident about your ability to recognize some of our state’s most notable peaks. Well, during Untitled #54 (Turf), we have the game for you.

During this month’s final Friday late night program, we will be sending visitors on a hunt to find a series of Charles Partridge Adams paintings. Adams was a Colorado landscape painter who created more than 1,000 paintings during the late 1800s to the early 1900s. Denver Art Museum’s current exhibition Rocky Mountain Majesty: The Paintings of Charles Partridge Adams is the first occasion when his paintings have been displayed together in a major art museum, and consists of 33 of his most fascinating paintings.

This is your chance to show off what you know about your home turf—and win a prize in the process. To get in on the action, follow @untitledDAM or @denverartmuseum on Twitter. Then on Feb. 22, during this month’s Untitled program, @untitledDAM and @denverartmuseum will tweet two clues to help you find the correct artwork. Once you’ve found the painting with right peak, snap a pic of yourself in front of the work, making sure to tag @untitledDAM or @denverartmuseum when you tweet your photo. First one to post their pic wins!

New to Twitter? Follow these simple instructions to participate the challenge.

  1. Log in to Twitter, create a free account if you do not already have one, and set your account to be public.
  2. Search for @untitledDAM or @denverartmuseum.
  3. Hit “Follow” next to @untitledDAM or @denverartmuseum. This will allow you to see the updates we tweet.
  4. Check your Twitter account throughout the night for clues, tweeted by @untitledDAM and @denverartmuseum.
  5. Once you have captured your photo, either select “Share to Twitter” or open a Twitter app on your smartphone and click “Tweet.”
  6. Do not forget to tag @untitledDAM or @denverartmuseum* when posting your photo and include #untitleddam** to be included in the night’s trending theme.
  7. Then… wait. We’ll tweet who the winner is and come find you in the gallery.

*Tagging @untitledDAM or @denverartmuseum allows Untitled staff to see your posts easily when you tweet them.

**Including the hashtag and specific trend allows all participants to contribute to the Twitter conversation in an open forum.

There's a whole lot more happening at Untitled #54 (Turf). Watch visitors battle it out in a massive dance-off to be part of a Nick Cave performance ahead of his exhibition here this summer, take a detour with two landscape architects, hear two tales of the West from DAM curators in the new exhibition Georgia O'Keeffe in New Mexico: Architecture, Katsinam, and the Land. Kick back and listen to a soundscape created by Pillow Garden, see what kind of turf war erupts between Buntport Theater's Joan and Charlie and play putt-putt in Andrew Novick's art-inspired mini-golf hole.

You can view the event listing on our calendar and RSVP on Facebook.

Megan Tutin was an intern for adult and college programs in the education department at the Denver Art Museum.