OhHeckYeah to Bring Street Arcade to CultureHaus Event

OhHeckYeah to Bring Street Arcade to CultureHaus Event

On May 10 creative strategist Brian Corrigan will bring his current project, OhHeckYeah: Denver’s Immersive Street Arcade, to Banner: The Art of Light, DAM support group CultureHaus’s annual fundraiser and themed party. This year's event will highlight artistic interpretations of light through music, performance art, and design and feature a silent auction.

OhHeckYeah, which starts June 7 on Champa Street in downtown Denver, is a first-of-its-kind interactive street arcade powered by the Denver Theatre District’s LED screens, custom games, and social media. It invites the community–friends and former strangers alike–to connect through the power of play. At Banner: The Art of Light, guests will be able to play interactive games like those that will appear on Champa Street.

Recently, I asked Brian about his work and collaboration with CultureHaus, as well as Denver as a creative community.

Dresden Romero: How does OhHeckYeah (OHY) create community?

Brian Corrigan: It’s truly been a city effort and has required the investment of a lot of local creative talent and community partners. Our goal is to use the power of play to connect people on the street. We believe our project’s outcome will produce a more connected and economically integrated community, resulting in increased access to economic opportunity for all, safer streets, and to Denver becoming a whole lot more fun.

DR: Why did you want to partner with CultureHaus?

BC: I just love the lovely people of CultureHaus. Really, I’ve made a lot of friends through CultureHaus, expanded my network and been exposed to collections and cultural events–at the Denver Art Museum and beyond. Like OHY, CultureHaus offers up the opportunity to connect and brings young professionals together to play.

DR: How will OHY be featured at the Banner event, and how does it bring the "art of light" to life?

BC: Attendees will be able to play our prototype game, KacheOut, which is an open source Kinect-based video game developed by Mode Set. Players use their body to control the game play. We feel this installation completely demonstrates the potential of light as art.

DR: Why would you encourage folks to attend Banner?

BC: It’s a good reason for people to get together to support innovation in art. And of course, it’s going to be really fun. Use the hash tag #OhHeckYeah.

DR: How does OHY contribute to Denver’s role as a creative capital?

BC: The spirit of OHY embodies the values of our Western roots: individuals, groups, and organizations working in partnership to build a better tomorrow. The street arcade is the next step in bringing the community together to pioneer a new creative frontier. Using a transmedia storytelling approach, we will broadcast, both locally and globally, the reasons that make our hearts call Denver home. Through play, we will connect the community to new friends and opportunity. And by spotlighting Denver’s best talent, we will inspire the public to believe the coasts are not the only place to dream big.

CultureHaus is the DAM's young professional support group, inspiring the next generation of art patrons. The organization creates connections–social, cultural and most important, art-inspired–through events and exclusive access to collections. Come play with us and see OHY in action at Banner: The Art of Light, on Saturday, May 10, 7-10 pm at Battery 621 in Denver. For more information and to become a CultureHaus member, please visit: http://culturehaus.denverartmuseum.org.

OhHeckYeah partners include ArtPlace America, Bonfils-Stanton Foundation, Denver Theatre District, Downtown Denver Partnership, Legwork Studio, Mode Set, Colorado Symphony, and Bovine Metropolis Theatre.

Dresden Romero is the public relations co-chair for CultureHaus, and joined the board in early 2014. In her free time, she's a foodie, film watcher, art supporter, outdoor enthusiast, and avid traveler.