Now on the DAM Website: Responsive Web Design

Now on the DAM Website: Responsive Web Design

One year has passed since the Denver Art Museum re-launched its website. You've visited it to learn how to pronounce Yves Saint Laurent. You've clicked around to see how we restored the Canaletto masterwork. You took a quick look to investigate which big exhibitions are following Becoming Van Gogh and Georgia O'Keeffe in New Mexico.

We are excited about enhancements that we are working on to continue to make your visits more enjoyable. Did you notice the site became tablet- and mobile-friendly in January? Here is a snapshot of the updates we have rolled out on the website in 2013 so far—Drupal enthusiasts may recognize some of these features:

  • Responsive web design: Rather than serving a separate version of the site for mobile devices, now our website is fully functional and available for all devices and platforms—from desktops to smartphones. This was a priority for the DAM since we (and most websites) have been seeing steady growth in our website's use on phones and tablets for months. As DAM web developer Matt Popke says, "Making a website fully accessible to users with different needs is a large task and one that will require constant effort on our part, but this responsive design is a big step in the right direction for the accessibility of our site as a whole."
  • Improved usability of the calendar: We're now hiding events that concluded earlier in the month.
  • Improved visibility of social media links, and Pinterest was added to our list of social outlets at the top of most pages.
  • Blog post series grouped more visibly—Conserving a Canaletto is the first example of this on the DAM site.

Also, the most-viewed blog posts so far this month are:

  1. Conserving a Canaletto—Our Work on 1700s Painting Found in Storage
  2. Heaven, Hell & Everything In Between at Untitled #55 (Bound)
  3. DAM Art History: Death Cart
  4. Nick Cave Dance-Off at the DAM (Video)
  5. 20 Quotes from Vincent van Gogh

And here are this month's most-viewed exhibition pages—on view now or coming this year:

  1. Georgia O'Keeffe in New Mexico: Architecture, Katsinam, and the Land
  2. Spun: Adventures in Textiles
  3. Rocky Mountain Majesty: The Paintings of Charles Partridge Adams
  4. Chamber
  5. Nick Cave: Sojourn

In the social media realm:

Thank you to the 27,000, 700 and 18,000 of you who engage with us in these spaces, respectively!

  • Facebook: Have you seen the 153 selections we've posted in the Artwork of the Week album?
  • Pinterest: Our ever-growing Nick Cave and Yarn Bomb boards have us excited about the summer exhibition schedule and our own creative endeavors outside of work.
  • Twitter: We can't get enough of seeing photos and remarks from your visits and sharing arts and cultural happenings around Denver and beyond.

We always like learning what you like—and don't—so please don't be shy about posting a comment on Facebook or Twitter, or emailing us.

Fairlight Baer-Gutierrez was digital communications manager in the communications department at the Denver Art Museum.

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