Nick Cave Dance-Off at the DAM (Video)

Nick Cave Dance-Off at the DAM (Video)

On February 22, at Untitled #54 (Turf), 120 hopefuls brought their best moves to Ponti Hall in the North Building for the opportunity to dance in one of Nick Cave's Soundsuits. We loved it so much we made a video to share—see below.

The participants shimmied and shook, jumped and jived; they donned legwarmers, sweatbands, a Chewbacca mask and even a security uniform. And the results are in! Cave has selected 15 people to be part of his performance at the June 28 Untitled #58 (Getup).They are:

  • Mary Bliss
  • Laura Burchard
  • Matthew Creery
  • Phaedra Eason
  • Chanel Godwin-McMaken
  • Heidi Kleder
  • Marcy Mitchell
  • Jordan Parman
  • Markus Ramirez
  • Liesel Schmidt
  • Casey Shivers
  • Mitch Slevc
  • Emma Thomas
  • Jessica Troppmann
  • Haruna Tsuchiya

Thanks to everyone who came out that night, both to audition and cheer from the crowd. The enthusiasm and energy were amazing.

Mark your calendars for June 28; if you thought the auditions were fun, just wait until you see the final show!

Jaime Kopke is the adult and college program manager in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum. She has been with the DAM since 2011 and is always scouting for community creatives to collaborate with. Send her an email.

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