How Feedback from Families Improves the DAM

How Feedback from Families Improves the DAM

Here at the DAM, feedback is crucial. In fact, we thrive on it. Lucky for us, Denver families are not shy. Their thoughts inform us every step of the way, making our projects better. We are always surprised by what the museum and our projects mean to them.

Over the past two years, we developed 15 new family activities and spaces throughout the museum. More than 50 families have spent time with us, telling us what they thinkthe good and the bad. In response to their thoughts, we now are extra careful to make things comfy, help them make connections to daily life, encourage conversations that can’t happen elsewhere, and support all the unique families walking in the door.

Take a look at some of what visitors shared:

I really liked that there was a lot to do in one backpack, so I was always busy. – 8-year-old

I love Spanish Colonial art and it was really fun for me to be able to share something so personally important with my kids in a way that they could appreciate as well...not a one-dimensional experience. - Parent

Hear more from families in the photo gallery below. Read about how we worked with families and the projects we created together in our report, Kids and Their Grownups, here.

Ah, the comfy couch WAS comfortable! It was nice as a parent to get to sit down!! - Parent

[The instructions] seem conversational for the kids and it has very easy language for them to understand - so they have a chance to have a conversation with me. - Parent

I loved my scroll and being with my mom. – 6 year-old

I've thought about [museum visit] experience several times, in terms of crafts we could do at home. It also made me think about how I could be more creative in how I decorate bookshelves and desks. - Parent

Without a doubt, our visits to the museum make for more interesting dinner conversations. - Parent

My boys love doing projects in our garage with Dad. They build real things, useful things and sometimes just build whatever comes to them. I never thought of it as Art. But seeing them create with the nuts and bolts helped me see all their creating as Art. - Parent

Kristina Mahoney is the manager of teacher and school outreach programs in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum. Kristina has been at the DAM since 2010 and her favorite artwork that has been on view here is Still Men Out There, Bjorn Melhus.

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