Harvest the Denver Satellite Reef & More at Untitled #61 (Harvest)

Harvest the Denver Satellite Reef & More at Untitled #61 (Harvest)

Update: Click here (PDF) for Untitled #61 (Harvest) program.

On September 13th, I joined a group of core contributors to the Denver Satellite Reef for their final crochet workshop at the museum. These avid and innovative crocheters have been meeting each week, throughout the summer, to create new coral pieces to add to the growing reef. They’ve come up with some amazing additions— from corals that glow-in-the-dark to ones made from winter gloves, recycled plastic bags, videotape, and even Christmas lights. Some corals are ten feet long and others are as small as quarters.

At Untitled #61 (Harvest) on September 27, you get the chance to take home one of these beauties. But how will you ever choose? I asked the group which piece they would keep.

Marie is famous for her colorful brain corals, and says she would take home the one that her granddaughter watched her make. “She watched me from the first loop to the finish,” Marie says.

Mary, who’s made over 400 corals for the reef in just a few short months, would keep the one she made from lace yarn because it represents a new technique for this experienced crocheter. Mary learned how to work with lace yarn at one of the weekly gatherings from a fellow contributor.

Cassie admits there are too many to pieces to choose from, but she’d take home one of her felted corals. “Felting is like magic,” she says, because the stitches shrink together to make a cloth-like material.

Cathryn, who has been attending workshops regularly since the very first one in March and who has trademarked “Giant Multi-use Ruffles," would take the first one she made home with her. As she says, “It was the beginning of the reef for me.”

Celebrate the creativity that abounds in the Denver Satellite Reef and take one of these special coral pieces home with you.

At Untitled #61 (Harvest), you can also haul home live plants from this summer’s Dye Garden and crocheted flowers and critters from the Ladies Fancywork Society’s Garden of the DAM(ed). Fuel up for this museum-wide harvest with art-inspired dishes from the Big Kiwi Eats and El Toro the Tot food trucks. As you’re enjoying your locally crafted meal, discuss issues in the food industry with Warm Cookies of the Revolution. To carry your bounty, print a tote bag from fruit and veggie stamps. Learn more about your new dye plants with dye expert Donna Brown. Get the scoop on harvesting pigments from bugs from a DAM curator and Clyfford Still Museum conservator, and find out how other animal parts are harvested for artworks with Denver Museum of Nature and Science collections manager Jeff Stephenson.

See you at Untitled on September 27! See you at Untitled #61 (Harvest) this Friday, 6–10 pm. You can view the event listing on our calendar and RSVP on Facebook.

Rose Eason is the coordinator of adult and college programs in the education department at the Denver Art Museum. Rose has been at the DAM since 2012 and her favorite artwork that has been on view here is Mud Woman Rolls On.

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