Families Will Have a Ball During Winter Break at the DAM

Families Will Have a Ball During Winter Break at the DAM

Passport to Paris is in full swing at the Denver Art Museum, and it has been fueling lots of our projects and programs for families.

I have been using the amazing three-part exhibition as inspiration for our Winter Break called, Bienvenue (which is how you say "welcome" in French). I decided to focus on Court to Café, one of the three shows in Passport to Paris, because it’s all about the luxury and grandeur of 300 years of French art and culture.

To help families explore the most over-the-top period of French history, the baroque period, we're throwing a lavish ball filled with activities including artmaking, dance, and music. We will be turning Ponti Hall in the North Building into a fancy French court with magnificent projected images from the Court to Café exhibition. There will be draped fabrics and several lounging spots and even Le Salon where visitors can make their own French powdered wigs and get beauty marks. There will be further immersion into French royal culture with dance lessons and music. We have a talented dance master who will teach everyone a basic minute to be performed with live music! I hope everyone can unleash their creativity and dive into a time of extravagance, beauty, and playfulness.

The Baroque Family Ball will take place at the Denver Art Museum in Ponti Hall at the North Building on Saturday, December 28. Drop in anytime between 10 am and 4 pm. For more information on the ball, watch the video below. For more information about all the fun events going on at the DAM December 21-January 5, download the Winter Break: Bienvenue program (PDF).

Lindsay Genshaft is manager of family and community programs at the Denver Art Museum.

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