dDIY #9: Take a Photo of a Design Dilemma In Your 'Hood

dDIY #9: Take a Photo of a Design Dilemma In Your 'Hood

Your Mission: Take a photo of a design dilemma in your ‘hood.

Specs: Take a hi-res pic (up to 2 MB) of this design issue and upload it on Denver Art Museum's Collective website.

There are a lot of neighborhood design dilemmas out there. You know the ones—your neighbor’s leaky garden hose, a lonely and uncomfortable bus stop, pot holes in the street or neglected bike lane paint. Once you get looking, you’re sure to see these cropping up everywhere. Lucky for you, there are a ton of creative people in Denver who are looking to solve these dilemmas now by participating in Open For Design: A DAM Community Challenge drop-off day, the DAM’s first visitor-sourced exhibition! So send in your dilemmas, we’ll display them online and in the exhibition, where a local designer may just solve your neighborhood problem.

In addition to submitting a dDIY #9 design dilemma, you can submit your own design for the Open For Design exhibition on July 28.

View previous DAM dDIY challenges and submissions.

Open For Design will be on view August 4-September 2.

Jaime Kopke is the adult and college program manager in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum. She has been with the DAM since 2011 and is always scouting for community creatives to collaborate with. Send her an email.