DAM Art Storage Space

The DAM's Art Storage Gets an Upgrade

The Denver Art Museum’s new staff office building not only houses more than 100 staff members, but it’ll also soon be home to parts of our permanent collection. The DAM’s collections management team has begun to move art from a temporary storage space in the North Building into the new, purpose-built Bannock collections storage area this month.

The new space provides nearly 9,000 square feet of new art storage space. To maximize this space, a high-density compactor storage system was installed making access simple and efficient. Compactor storage consists of two main parts: recessed rails and shelving carriages. Recessed rails are installed by anchoring them to the concrete floor slab, then adding an additional layer of poured concrete, making the rails flush with the finished floor. Carriages are then installed on the rails to create the mobile compactor storage system.

The high-density compactor storage system is essential for art to be organized efficiently with limited space. High-density compactor storage units alleviate overcrowding, allow for necessary collection expansion in the future, and improve access to collections for curatorial, research, and scholarly work.

Julie Brown, collections manager, sings praises about the new storage space: “It consolidates collections into a permanent space that is useful and accessible for our curators and researchers.” Once the move is complete, there will be 23,000 objects stored in the space.

Thank you to the Schramm Foundation for funding this incredibly efficient art storage system. Your generosity and support for this “behind-the-scenes” project makes it possible for the DAM to continue to care for and display the objects in our care.

Bannock Art Storage

A collections management team member placing objects on the adjustable compactor shelving.

Bannock Art Storage

Shut compactors maximizing space

Bannock Art Storage

Empty compactors waiting for art!

Bannock Art Storage

A closer look at the recessed rails that make the carriage mobile.

Chiara Robinson is the associate director of development, foundation and government support, in the development department at the Denver Art Museum. Chiara has been with the DAM for more than 13 years and prefers the term "long-timer" to "old-timer."

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