Artist Nick Cave Inspires Soundsuit-Themed Birthday Celebration

Artist Nick Cave Inspires Soundsuit-Themed Birthday Celebration

At Nick Cave's June 29 Untitled performance young artist Pascal Spangenberg shared his very own Soundsuit and designs with the artist. I’m overjoyed to say that the story of Pascal and his Soundsuits does not end there.

On August 25, Pascal celebrated his fifth birthday. He sweetly asked his mom, Tara, to invite Nick Cave to the party “because he missed him.” Even though Nick was not able to attend, the affect he has had on Pascal was apparent. The entire party was Soundsuit themed. Each party guest creating their own Soundsuit and the troupe presented the debut performance of a piece that Pascal has titled The Flock for their parents, grandparents, and special guests. The performance was a rousing success and Pascal plans to have a few more dance parties after school over the coming weeks and invite different friends to come and play.

“This exhibit and the Soundsuits have meant the world to him and he has certainly been inspired by Nick's creations,” says Tara Bardeen, Pascal’s mom. “We don't go anywhere that he doesn't see something for a Soundsuit or hear a noise that reminds him of the 'swoosh' they make, so I know he'll miss the exhibit when it's gone. We plan to visit it at least twice a week before it goes!”

Don’t miss the last weekend of Nick Cave: Sojourn at the Denver Art Museum. Who knows, you may even run into Tara and Pascal.

Hope Grandon is the communication and media relations coordinator at the Denver Art Museum. A Chicago transplant, Hope has been at the DAM since 2012. Her favorite exhibition to date was Becoming Van Gogh. In fact, she kicked off her 23rd birthday working in the Becoming Van Gogh galleries at 3 am during extended hours for the exhibition’s final weekend.

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