6-Year-Old Art Enthusiast Makes Contribution to the DAM

6-Year-Old Art Enthusiast Makes Contribution to the DAM

Note: Check out summer activities at the Denver Art Museum to inspire you and your family and use the hashtag #FunAtTheDAM to show off your creations.

Not long after the opening of the Denver Art Museum’s exhibition Passport to Paris Christoph Heinrich, Frederick and Jan Mayer Director of the DAM, received an unusual package. The last thing he expected to find inside of the manila envelope was a priceless piece of art.

Last year, Grace Lansky attended the Becoming Van Gogh exhibition with her mother. The six-year-old girl was so enthralled with Van Gogh’s work that her mother signed her family up for a museum membership. After attending Passport to Paris, Grace was inspired to paint her own impressionistic masterpiece. Her landscape depicts a yellow sun shining through a brilliantly blue sky dotted with puffy white clouds above lush, blue-green grass filled with colorful flowers.

Grace mailed her work to Christoph and included a note outlining her intentions.

Grace’s painting is on display on the signature wall in the new administrative office building for Christoph and DAM staff to enjoy.

Elizabeth Young is an intern in the development department at the Denver Art Museum. Elizabeth has been at the DAM since February 2014 and her favorite exhibition that has been on view here is Becoming Van Gogh.