multicolored blocks used in Audacious art exhibition

Show Your Feelings in Audacious Art Exhibition

Faint clinking sounds can be heard in the Denver Art Museum exhibition Audacious: Contemporary Artists Speak Out.

The DAM has installed a new feature for visitors to share their feelings about the artworks in this exhibition. There are colorful blocks that visitors are invited to place in test tubes next to the work. Each color represents a different emotion. Optimistic. Clink. Angry. Clink. Empathetic. Clink. Confused. Clink.

Multicolored blocks show that visitors had a variety of reactions to an artwork.

“We hope that by considering which color block to place with an artwork, it will help visitors think more deeply about what affect the work is having on their emotions,” said Danielle St. Peter, interpretive specialist for modern and contemporary art at the DAM.

This has been a popular activity in the museum and visitors have enjoyed deciphering how they feel about the artworks and sharing their responses.

For example, Tera Huber said she enjoyed using the blocks as it made her slow down and read the artwork descriptions. “I think some contemporary art can be really confusing for people, but sometimes the concept goes deeper when you read the description.”

Huber, who is a middle school and high school art teacher, hopes to take this interactive idea and implement it in her classrooms.

“[I like] giving the option of being confused as an emotion,” Huber said. “Artwork is not always clear.”

Audacious is included with general admission, free for members. Check it out and tell us how you feel about it.

Image: Gallery view of Audacious includes Barbara Kruger, Untitled (Turned Trick), 1988. Silkscreen on vinyl, H: 122.75in; W: 109.125in; D: 2in. Funds From The 1990 Alliance For Contemporary Art Auction and National Endowment for the Arts Museum Purchase Program. 1990.23. © Barbara Kruger and courtesy Mary Boone Gallery, New York

Anna Groeling was a summer 2016 content intern in the marketing department at the Denver Art Museum. She loves the photography displayed in the museum and recommends seeing Star Wars and the Power of Costume when it opens November 13, 2016.