View of The Shop at the Denver Art Museum, North Building

Shop at the DAM & Find Inspiring Items for Kids for $10 or Less

Teachers, parents, and kids will find inspiring activities, art supplies, and books in the Denver Art Museum's new North Shop. Come shop for these great items and explore many more.

$5 each Duck Tape and $2.50 each Washi Tape are great for art projects and for kids to decorate their books, backpacks, and more.

$2.50 and up Pick 25 Creative Bags will challenge you and your kids to create something unique ($2.50 for 25 pcs./$5 for 50 pcs./$7.50 for 75 pcs.)

$3.50 each Finger Brushes come in small, medium, or large. It might be fun to put on all three and paint!

$5 each Wax Works Sticks are moldable wax sticks that can be used for art, math, science… really anything.

$4 each Modeling Clay comes in eight bright colors, brown, and black.

$4.79 spiral bound Van Gogh Sketchbook will be perfect for gathering inspiration.

$9.99 Good Night Denver will be sure to become a favorite bedtime book.

$6 each for artist books (Monet 's Impressions $8) will introduce you to some popular artists.

$9.99 each Spot the Differences Books 1, 2, 3, & 4 will help kids hone those perceptive skills.

$10 Flexi Puzzle Brain Teaser is the bendy, stretchy brainteaser your kids won’t be able to put down.

Angela Houdyshell was the coordinator of teacher resources in the education department at the Denver Art Museum.