March of the Penguins painting by Chloe Evans age 9

See Artwork by Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver

Jan. 4–Jan. 20, 2017

The Boys and Girls Clubs of Metro Denver have a strong commitment to the arts. Their commitment is clear in the quality and variety of student artworks submitted for the City Wide Arts Competition this year. The Denver Art Museum is honored to support their commitment and the club leaders’ creativity and approach to encouraging their students to explore many mediums and styles.

The winners of the city wide competition are on display at the Denver Art Museum January 4–20. On January 20, they will be packed up and sent to the regional competition. The artworks range from a charming dog in a necktie and glasses drawn in pastel to an emotional pen drawing commenting on incarceration. The range of topics, styles, and mediums will keep you moving through the exhibition and wanting more from each of these talented young artists.

Terquiose, Chloe Grans, age 9/9 años de edad

Puppy-Chilada by Eli Melendez age 7

Puppy-Chilada, Eli Melendez, age 7/7 años de edad

Wolf by Ivy Robison

Wolf, Ivy Robinson, age 12/12 años de edad

Eastern Dream by Natalie Lucero age 18

Eastern Dream, Natalie Lucero, age 18/18 años de edad

Behind Bars drawing by Bryant Jimenez age 15

Behind Bars, Bryant Jimenez, age 15/15 años de edad

March of the Penguins painting by Chloe Evans age 9

March of the Penguins, Chloe Evans, age 9/9 años de edad

Ruff Day by Evelyn Colin age 8

Ruff Day, Evelyn Colin, age 8/8 años de edad

She Contains the Universe by Nevaeh Fields age 12

She Contains the Universe, Nevaeh Fields, age 12/12 años de edad

From the playful to the poignant, this showcase highlights winners in 5 categories from 4 different age groups. The 6-9 age group shows incredible attention to detail in Terquiose by Chloe Grans, age 9, and freedom of expression in Puppy-Chilada by Eli Melendez, age 7. The other age groups have both expression and attention to detail as well. Ivy Robinson’s Wolf shows incredible hard work and focus from a 12-year-old student. Eighteen-year-old Natalie Lucero’s Eastern Dream exhibits fantastic creativity working in multiple mediums and freedom of the brush on the cardboard.

Joyful color and materials also showcase the fun these students have with art and creativity. She Contains the Universe by Nevaeh Fields, age 12, and March of the Penguins by Chloe Evans, age 9, both highlight the uses of watercolor as a medium and instill joy in the viewer.

These artworks are on display for a short time only before they represent Denver in the regional competition. Come by the Denver Art Museum North Building and find these exciting creations on the lower level before January 20!

Hayley Nicholas is the coordinator of teacher and school outreach programs in the department of learning and engagement. She loves the variety of artwork at the DAM and enjoys finding new favorites all of the time.