The Western gallery game held in front of a large painting

Search for People, Places & Stories in The Western

Through Sept. 10, 2017

Howdy partners! Kids and families are invited to play a new gallery game as you explore The Western: An Epic in Art and Film. (This exhibition is free for youth 18 and younger. Learn more about adult ticket prices.)

The game will have you searching for different imagery of key aspects of the Western genre: people, places, and stories. The exhibition features sculpture, paintings, and video clips of well-known Western movies, so there’s plenty to look at and a lot of high-action content to keep everyone interested.

This scavenger hunt-like game will help kids and families slow down and look closely at the art and videos throughout the exhibition as you try to check off all the items on your list. Things to look for include “a strong person” and “a place that looks calm.”

Kids of all ages are sure to love the Western gallery game, but younger cowboys and cowgirls might benefit from playing this game with a parent or older sibling.

As with all of the museum’s hands-on family activities, the game is available in both English and Spanish.

Carolyn Davidson was the 2017 summer writing intern in the marketing department at the Denver Art Museum.