'Rising Star' Jordan Casteel in the News

Jordan Casteel is one of the most acclaimed emerging artists working today. Below are recent articles about Casteel, her work, and the exhibition at the Denver Art Museum.

"Within two brief years, Casteel was recognized as one of the rising stars of her generation, making her mark in the ancient and decidedly unfashionable field of portrait painting—and, in the process, making it cool all over again. In 2017, New York magazine’s Jerry Saltz praised her 'profound empathy for the inner lives and consciousness of her subjects,' and declared that she was 'prepared to take a rightful place on the front lines of contemporary painting.'" - Dodie Kazanjian, Vogue

"Jordan Casteel wants to change the staleness of the high art world and how it views black men." - Peter J. Rickards, The Root

"As a (very early) career retrospective, 'Reflecting the Gaze' puts Casteel’s work in perspective. It shows where she came from, where she’s been and how she continues to expand on her ideas. It doesn’t feel like a sentimental homecoming, but as a strategically curated introduction to an international artist who is making a splash." - Ray Mark Rinaldi, The Denver Post

"Photos of Casteel’s paintings don’t do them justice. Neither their surprisingly magisterial size nor their incredibly inviting surfaces come through until you stand right in front of them. Which you’ll certainly want to do." - Michael Paglia, Westword

"Casteel's subjects are her family and friends, but also her neighbors, and even strangers. And their attention-grabbing gazes have earned her some buzz." - Stephanie Wolf, Colorado Public Radio

"In Casteel’s hands, even mundane objects — old signage, food trucks, the streets themselves — become things of remarkable beauty, without losing symbolic weight or contextual presence." - Beige Luciano-Adams, LA Weekly

Jordan Casteel: Returning the Gaze is on view through August 18, 2019. This exhibition is included with general admission, which is free for members.

Carleen Brice is content manager in the marketing department at the Denver Art Museum. Carleen has been at the DAM since 2013. Every day at the museum she is reminded of this quote by Maya Angelou: "You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."