Paint Studio at the Denver Art Museum

Paint Studio Demo Artist Quintin Gonzalez

Quintin Gonzalez will be in the Paint Studio April 2–3 and 9–10.

Liz Jaite: What will your demonstration in the studio look like?

Quintin Gonzalez: I will be making an abstract painting. I will not be using an easel and will be working on flat surfaces, like the ground or table. I will be using a pouring technique with a variety of paints like acrylics, house paint, and water-soluble paint.

LJ: Is there anything about your process or way of working that you think is unusual or unique?

QG: Yes and no. Abstract expressionism has been around since the 1940s. It utilizes chance, accident, and can’t be duplicated. Every mark becomes individualized like a signature. One person signs the same name many times and it is never exactly the same.

LJ: What are you currently working on?

QG: I am currently working on a series of figurative digital paintings.

Light of Centaurus. © Quintin Gonzalez. Photo courtesy of Quintin Gonzalez.
Quintin Gonzalez is an American visual artist living and working in Denver, Colorado and is currently a painting and drawing instructor at University of Colorado Denver. Gonzalez received his MFA from Yale University School of Art. When Gonzalez talks about his work he states he is “simultaneously working between abstract painting and digital media, producing works exploiting the materiality of paint and surface, as well as virtual identity-based photo-realistic prints influenced by popular culture and cinema.” When Gonzalez isn’t in the studio or teaching, you can find him enjoying a book or movie.

Liz Jaite is a studio and artist programs intern in the learning and engagement department. Liz has been at the DAM since 2015. Her favorite piece of artwork at the museum is Early Baroque Side Chair c.1685 by artist Unknown. Liz also loves Ben & Jerry's.

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