Jay Michael Jaramillo

Paint Studio Demo Artist Jay Michael Jaramillo

Jay Michael Jaramillo will be in the Paint Studio demonstrating acrylic painting on November 7 and 8 and November 14 and 15.

Liz Jaite: What will your demonstration look like?

Jay Michael Jaramillo: My art demonstration will include my methods of applying an abstract base to two canvases to create unique designs, which I will allow to dry. After the canvases are dry, I will then apply more figurative depiction on top of the abstract base paint; the results are all one of a kind and easy for artists to apply to their own methods of painting.

LJ: What’s one thing you can’t live without in your studio?

JMJ: One thing I can't live without in my studio is upbeat music; the up-tempo beats keep me motivated and in a steady rhythm, which allows time to pass time quickly while I accomplish a lot in the process.

LJ: What does your typical day as an artist look like?

JMJ: My typical day as an artist starts with a few cups of coffee to give me the jolt I need; then I go to my studio, which is an addition to the garage on my house. This is where I play my music loud and rapidly apply the base paints to the canvas I'm working on. I work on multiple projects at once, so I work to detail on previous pieces while the base paint dries on my later works of art.

LJ: What are you working on currently?

JMJ: I am currently collaborating with my father, Jerry Jaramillo on a massive mural (10 feet tall by 310 feet wide) at the Regency Student Housing; visible from I-25 and 38th Avenue in Denver. I have restored two of my father's murals this summer (Mother Earth and Flight of the Eagle Dancer) and created three more with him Primavera, Imagine and, currently, The Pursuit. I am also currently working to improve my start-up business upon graduating college from MSU Denver; my business is named ArtGalleryOnline.net

Jaramillo was born and raised in Colorado. He graduated from Metropolitan State College of Denver with a BA in Arts & Letters: Chicana/o Studies & Entrepreneurship. He is the son of local artist, Jerry Jaramillo. This past summer at the Denver Art Museum; Jay Michael Jaramillo was one of the artists a part of the collaborated Denver Art Museum and the Biennial of the Americas community project inspired by Alvarado-Juárez’s work Aqua-Terra/Terra-Aqua. When Jaramillo is not creating art, you can find him playing basketball, swimming, lifting weights, singing karaoke, or hanging out with friends and family.

The Paint Studio is sponsored by The R&J Newman Family Foundation.

Liz Jaite is a studio and artist programs intern in the learning and engagement department. Liz has been at the DAM since 2015. Her favorite piece of artwork at the museum is Early Baroque Side Chair c.1685 by artist Unknown. Liz also loves Ben & Jerry's.

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