Paint Studio Demo Artist Homare Ikeda

Paint Studio Demo Artist Homare Ikeda

Homare Ikeda created the mural in the Paint Studio. He will be giving a demonstration in the Paint Studio noon–3 pm on April 30–May 1 (included with general admission).

Liz Jaite: What will your demonstration in the studio look like?

Homare Ikeda: I plan to focus on tools and unconventional tools used for painting. I believe the paint brush is very versatile. For example, you could use three brushes at once to make a mark. I also will demonstrate different ways of seeing and the way we look at our mark making. Like how to focus on seeing different forms, textures, colors, sizes. I believe observation is just as important as the mark making.

LJ: What’s one thing in your studio you can’t live without?

HI: This may seem kind of abstract, but space. The way I work can be messy and sometimes my studio gets crowded. I have a large studio space and the space in it is what I cannot live without.

Homare Ikeda painting mural in the Paint Studio
Homare Ikeda at work on the mural in the Paint Studio.

LJ: You recently completed a mural and several pieces of artwork for the Paint Studio. What about painting the mural onsite was challenging? Surprising?

HI: It was challenging because I couldn’t move my canvas like I do in my studio. The wall was a permanent fixture that I couldn’t move to my liking. I couldn’t do some of the painting techniques that I wanted because I had a limited way of working. I couldn’t even use both of my hands at times because I was using a ladder. What was surprising was painting with my left hand. I am mostly right-handed, but getting the opportunity to practice with my left hand more was a good surprise.

What was challenging about the panels hanging outside the Paint Studio was how the whole piece looked together. They were created individually, so combining the different styles to be one piece was a bit challenging. Something surprising about the panels, they were inspired by the different angles of the Hamilton Building.

LJ: How did you get started painting the mural and the panels outside the Paint Studio?

HI: In the mornings, I do letter size “warm-ups.” In these warm-ups, I can really explore and just be free. I just dove into the mural like I do with these warm-ups. I knew I wanted contrasting ideas in the mural. I wanted the mural to be bold, but feel open and less crowded. I wanted to contrast warm and cool colors and spontaneity versus intention.

The panels hanging outside the Paint Studio were created in my studio, rather than onsite. These panels represent diverse ways of applying paint and techniques used. They use organic and geometric shapes, texture, the scraping of paint, and a variety of tools like tape and even a spatula.

Homare Ikeda is a Japanese-American artist living and working in Denver, Colorado. Ikeda received his MFA from University of Colorado, Boulder. He currently teaches painting at The Art Students League of Denver. Ikeda is represented by the William Havu Gallery in Denver.

Liz Jaite is a studio and artist programs intern in the learning and engagement department. Liz has been at the DAM since 2015. Her favorite piece of artwork at the museum is Early Baroque Side Chair c.1685 by artist Unknown. Liz also loves Ben & Jerry's.

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