Paint Studio at the Denver Art Museum

Paint Studio Demo Artist Carlos Frésquez

Carlos Frésquez will be in the Paint Studio January 2–3, 2015 and February 6–7, 2016.

Liz Jaite: What will your demonstration in the studio look like?

Carlos Frésquez: I will be exploring a variety of alternative techniques through acrylic paints. For example, I will be mixing acrylic with different mediums and showing how the paint changes with each medium. I will also be using a pouring technique over plastic and bringing in floral wire that will be embedded in the paint. You can peel the wire out of the paint and the paint becomes more sculptural.

LJ: What does your typical day as an artist look like?

CF: I am more of a night person since I teach during the day. I will sketch, research, and brainstorm in the mornings and begin to paint in the late evening into the night. My typical day is more organic and loose. I don’t have a strict regime, and take breaks when I need too.

LJ: What are you working on currently?

CF: I am currently brainstorming and working on ideas I have. I contrast opposites like high-brow vs. low-brow and traditional indigenous vs. pop culture. In my artwork, I am working with cultural issues and traditional and contemporary icons.

A Fairy Tale painting by Carlos Fresquez

A Fairy Tale (2003). Arylic on canvas 42”x72”. Private Collection. Image copyright and courtesy Carlos Frésquez.

Gracias Big Daddy painting by Carlos Fresquez

Gracias Big Daddy (2007). Screen print and acrylic on panel 18”x18”x4”. Private Collection. Image copyright and courtesy Carlos Frésquez.

Viva Mexico painting by Carlos Fresquez

Viva Mexico (2007). Acrylic on panel 18”x18”x4”. Private collection. Image copyright and courtesy Carlos Frésquez.

Liz Jaite is a studio and artist programs intern in the learning and engagement department. Liz has been at the DAM since 2015. Her favorite piece of artwork at the museum is Early Baroque Side Chair c.1685 by artist Unknown. Liz also loves Ben & Jerry's.

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