New Exhibitions and Installations at the DAM

New Exhibitions and Installations at the DAM

The Denver Art Museum is buzzing with activity, getting ready to open several new exhibitions in May and June, including the following. Learn more about current and upcoming exhibitions.

Opening This Weekend

Revolt 1680/2180: Virgil Ortiz. Ortiz is an internationally renowned ceramicist, fashion designer, and graphic artist from Cochiti Pueblo, New Mexico. He uses contemporary art to blend historic events with futuristic elements. Set against Ortiz’s graphic murals, this exhibition features 31 clay figures and invites visitors to immerse themselves in a storyline that Ortiz created that begins with the Pueblo Revolt of 1680. This is the first exhibition of his work to visually tell the whole story. This exhibition is a special feature of Showing Off: Recent Modern & ‭Contemporary Acquisitions, which highlights works that have become a part of ‭the DAM's modern and contemporary art collection over the last seven years. Also opening this weekend.‭

Revolt 1680/2180: Virgil Ortiz is organized by the Denver Art Museum. It is presented with generous support from Vicki and Kent Logan, the donors to the Annual Fund Leadership Campaign, and the citizens who support the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD). Promotional support is provided by 5280 Magazine, CBS4, Comcast Spotlight, and The Denver Post.

Aqua-Terra / Terra-Aqua. This vibrant installation by Francisco Alvarado-Juárez instills the DAM with the sights and sounds of the tropics.

Aqua-Terra / Terra-Aqua is organized by the Denver Art Museum in collaboration with the artist. It is generously funded by The William Randolph Hearst Foundation.

Coming Soon

Our textile gallery is currently closed for installation of Creative Crossroads: The Art of Tapestry, opening May 31.

Flower arrangements are starting to sprout in the museum's North Building, as part of our summer of flowers inspired by In Bloom: Painting Flowers in the Age of Impressionism. "Love in Bloom," one of the arrangements, as we're calling these flower-inspired artworks, has just been installed on level 4 in the North Building. Stay tuned for much more!

As part of our campus-wide celebration of flowers, we have created clever arrangements of flower-themed artwork. Most of these flower arrangements, made up of artworks and objects from different departments not usually viewed together, will be scattered around the North Building, bringing seeds of creativity to almost every floor.

Alec Soth: Colorado Dispatch opens June 7. Inspired by images taken by Depression-era photographers, Soth embarked on a series of state-by-state road trips to photograph America and its people in the twenty-first century. This exhibition features his photos from Colorado.

Carleen Brice is content manager in the marketing department at the Denver Art Museum. Carleen has been at the DAM since 2013. Her favorite painting in Jordan Casteel: Returning the Gaze is called Lean.

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