Gregg Deal

Native Arts Summer Residency Program Kicks Off with Gregg Deal

On Saturday, May 6, 2018 Native Arts Artist-in-Residence Gregg Deal will be painting a mural in the Native Arts Studio. Drop by to watch him work and chat about his process and inspiration!

During a previous residency (watch video below), Deal painted a mural titled Defiant to Your Gods, which now hangs near the Native Arts Studio in the Denver Art Museum's American Indian gallery. This time, Deal is planning a mural that "deals with images in stereotype, [with] typographical treatments using words that pertain to the previous subject, some portrait and more. It's going to be a smattering of a lot of different things."

Action X Community X Togetherness

Deal's mural work on Free First Saturday is part of this summer's Action X Community X Togetherness series, a one-of-a-kind collaborative project featuring Deal and two other former artists-in-residence: Walt Pourier and Melanie Yazzie. The trio of artists are focusing on the theme of art as a call to action and will be participating in talks, workshops, and hands-on artmaking all summer long.

Meet up with these artists during the following events:

Untitled Final Fridays

May 26

June 30

July 28

August 25

Free First Saturdays

May 6

June 3

28th Annual Friendship Powwow and American Indian Cultural Celebration

September 9

Watch an interview with Gregg Deal during his previous residency at the DAM (October 24, 2015-January 31, 2016)

Erin Cousins is associate manager of creative and public engagement in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum. One of her favorite exhibitions that has been on view here is Joan Miró: Instinct & Imagination.