, Autumn at Jeufosse by Claude Monet

Monet Moment: Autumn at Jeufosse

This month, as temperatures cool and the leaves begin to fall, we want to share with you one of Monet’s autumnal landscapes.

Monet painted Autumn at Jeufosse during the fall of 1884, when he embarked on a painting campaign to locations around his home in the village of Giverny. Among the places he visited during this campaign is Jeufosse, a small town along the Seine River that is located just a short distance from his house. Here Monet depicts the river surrounded by variegated fall foliage as it bends northward toward his garden in Giverny. Interestingly, he would later divert water from one of the Seine River’s nearby tributaries to fill his beloved water lily pond.

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Image: Claude Monet, Autumn at Jeufosse (Automne à Jeufosse), 1884. Oil paint on canvas; 60 x 73 cm. Private Collection.

Alexander Penn is a former curatorial research assistant in the department of painting and sculpture at the Denver Art Museum.