Jaime Carrejo

Mi Tierra Artist Jaime Carrejo

Carrejo's Installation Is on View through Oct. 22, 2017

Jaime Carrejo is one of the 13 artists whose work is on view in Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place.

video of blue sky and clouds projected on gallery wall

Carrejo says:

"One-Way Mirror focuses on the border fence along the Mexico–U.S. boundary as a physical as well as architectural demarcation of territory, and its symbolic connections to space, place, and identity. The immersive space includes a sculptural wall that references the fence and monumental video projections evocative of the border landscape. The wall or fence, composed of one-way surveillance glass, is transparent on one side while the other side is semi-opaque. Depending on where you stand, maybe you can see what’s on the other side, maybe you can’t.

To me, it’s important to talk about space and place together because I think about them as being united. I understand landscape as vast, open space. It’s expansive and enveloping. It’s undefined. It’s limitless, has lots of freedom, and is abstract in its nature. Within space there’s place, a defined locale. Place is often somewhere that you’re familiar with, like your hometown; the smell of the streets where you walk, the local flavor of trees that you see going by, cracks in the concrete that you’re intimately familiar with because you walk past them every day."

Carleen Brice is content manager in the marketing department at the Denver Art Museum. Carleen has been at the DAM since 2013. Her favorite painting in Jordan Casteel: Returning the Gaze is called Lean.