Daniela Edburg

Mi Tierra Artist Daniela Edburg

Edburg's Installation Is on View through Oct. 22, 2017

Daniela Edburg is one of the 13 artists whose work is on view in Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place.

Journeys are at the heart of Edburg’s creative practice. Her work is informed by travel and experiences in new places. For Uprooted, Edburg investigated Colorado’s Front Range: its geography, botany, zoology, and sociology. Learning that Denver and much of the state are home to transplanted populations, she was inspired to correlate the people she met with plants, animals, rocks, and weather patterns that likewise had histories of migration and adaptation.

Embedding herself in central Denver, Edburg met with art students, Latino communities, geologists, ranchers, merchants, and botanists to adapt her practice to the local culture. Uprooted looks at the similar journeys that seven elements in the Colorado landscape—lichen, cheat grass, river rock, red rock, alpaca, grassland, and tornadoes—make through very different scales of time. The common thread that unites them is that they represent migration and change.

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part of installation called Uprooted by Daniela Edburg
Daniela Edburg, Uprooted, 2017. © Daniela Edburg

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