Little boy pointing at Spanish Colonial paintings

Metro Voters Renew SCFD

Voters across the metro Denver region voted overwhelmingly in favor of renewing the Scientific and Cultural Facilities District (SCFD) on November 8. Ballot question 4B passed by a significant margin thanks to the hard work, passion, and energy of our cultural community, including DAM members.

SCFD provides operations funding for nearly 300 art, science, and cultural organizations across the seven-county metro area. Here at the DAM, these dollars help support our school and teacher programs, in-gallery education opportunities, live-artist encounters, access programs for the differently abled, and our Free First Saturday programs.

DAM members repeatedly tell us they value the benefits SCFD brings to our community. World-class cultural programs, a rich and varied arts community as well as significant economic impacts from tourism all stem from our collective, regional investment in access to the arts.

Thank you, DAM members, for supporting SCFD and your year-round support of the Denver Art Museum.

Kristy Bassuener is the director of communication and public affairs at the Denver Art Museum.

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