Suzy Savoy

Living Somewhere Between the Light and Dark: Artist Suzy Savoy’s Creativity Playlist

For many of our staff members, music can often be the key ingredient in getting the creative juices flowing. But we were curious: is the same true for artists?

We turned to one of our local favorites, Suzy Savoy, for answers and asked her what music has helped her to get into the creative mindset during quarantine. Suzy—a Denver-based painter who specializes in a technique involving glass and acrylic enamel (check out this quick but fascinating video about her process)—created an entire playlist for us in response.

"I chose songs that take me on a journey between light and dark, that bring me to tears,” she says. “Some songs manifest love and brightness and some cause a deep reaction to the darkness. The balance of these emotions take me to a tranquil place where I am free to unleash my creativity."

From Nina Simone to Langhorne Slim, find Suzy's "Living Somewhere Between the Light and Dark" favorites on Spotify. And you can find even more curated playlists by following the Denver Art Museum on Spotify.

Shannon Robb is a communications associate at the Denver Art Museum. One of her favorite exhibitions that has been on view at the museum is Women of Abstract Expressionism.

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