2 photos; a photo on the right shows 3 kids smiling and playing with the Tyng Toy in the Serious Play exhibition; the photo on the right shows a girl in the Paint Studio

Join us for End-of-Summer Family Fun

What to See & Do August 2019 at the DAM

Summer is almost over, but there’s still plenty of things to do at the DAM. How many items can you check off this list before fall? Remember, general admission is free for youth 18 and under every day (which includes all of the following)!

1. Make Some Music on the Plaza

Rock out at La Musidora, our interactive installation of colorfully woven rocking chairs. Take a seat, gently rock back and forth, and listen to the music. Before you head inside, be sure to check out our special activity on the plaza outside the museum where you can pick up a booklet of cards that have fun ways to experience the museum’s outdoor sculpture and amazing architecture!

2. Discover a New Piece of Art at Create-n-Takes

Take a moment to slow down and notice the colorful details in Jordan Casteel: Returning the Gaze (which closes August 18). At the Hand in Hand Create-n-Take, use colors and patterns inspired by Casteel’s work to create your own hand portrait that represents you, a loved one, or maybe even someone you do not know. Hand in Hand will end on August 18, so be sure to catch it before it’s gone!

a hand-in-hand create-n-take art project made of cut out paper showing two hands around the sun
An example of the Hand in Hand Create-n-Take you can make at the museum through August 18, 2019.

Artist Marie Watt’s colorful artwork, Butterfly, symbolizes two women’s happiness while dancing. Challenge yourself to make a piece of art that describes how you feel with only colors and shapes at the Shape of Feelings Create-n-Take. Create-n-Takes are open 10:30 am–3 pm on weekdays until August 16. After that, you can find them in the galleries on weekends from 10:30 am–4 pm.

3. Have Some Fun with Your Little One

Join us on August 14 for our last Create Playdate of the season. This month we’re taking inspiration from Serious Play – it’ll be a playdate you won’t want to miss! Drop 10 am–2 pm for artmaking, story time, and in-gallery activities. Best for 3–5 year olds, but older and younger siblings are welcome.

4. Activate Your Inner Child in Serious Play

Stop by to see Serious Play: Design in Midcentury America before it closes on August 25. Experiment with spinning tops, arrange vinyl Colorforms, and build with a House of Cards. Check out the Free Play Zone at the end of the exhibition with animal masks and a theater, an artist-created climbing structure, and an area for constructing with the Tyng toy, a life-size building system (shown in the picture at top left).

5. Experiment with Light in First Light Family Space

Step into the shining world of the First Light Family Space and try hand-on activities inspired by The Light Show. Capture nature’s shadows, experiment with transparency and color on overhead projectors, mix patterns to cast bold shadows, and design a wearable mirror.

6. Make a Masterpiece at the Paint Studio

Discover the world of painting by experimenting with watercolor techniques, exploring the idea of painting en plein air, or using paper marbling to create an abstract work of art (shown in the picture at top right). Located on the first floor of the Hamilton Building, the Paint Studio is open seven days a week during regular museum hours, with demonstrations from local artists every weekend noon–3 pm.

a boy sitting at a table drawing and smiling at the camera in the First Light Family Space
Visitor in the First Light Family Space.

Laura Levy is coordinator of family and community programs in the department of learning and engagement.