How Do You Define Creativity? More than 600 People Answer that Question in the DAM's New Report (Video)

How Do You Define Creativity? More than 600 People Answer that Question in the DAM's New Report (Video)

Tapping into Creativity and Becoming Part of Something Bigger (PDF) is the result of an 18-month investigation into understanding the impacts the Denver Art Museum’s exhibitions and programs have on visitors’ creative lives. And after one literature review, three focus group sessions, 38 interviews with visitors, and a survey of more than 600 people, we came to see that visitors define creativity as an expansive way of thinking and approaching the world.

In no uncertain terms, visitors described to us how experiences at the museum provide them the chance to flex their creative muscles. In eloquent ways, they talked about the benefits of connecting with others in a creative environment. And when we talked to members of Denver’s creative community, who worked alongside us, creating programs and experiences for visitors, they very specifically talked about how their perceptions of the museum were forever changed, simply because we asked them to participate.

Why would a museum devote such energy to asking so many people so many questions? The answer is simple. We are striving to understand the value we have in our communities. We want to understand what role we play in the everyday lives of our visitors. And while we may have had hunches about our impact, its only now, with lots of voices behind us, that we can take the next step in thinking about the relationships we are forming and can form between the museum and the communities we serve.

To learn more, watch the three-minute video below and read our report (PDF).

Heather Nielsen is associate director of learning and engagement and interpretive specialist for the native arts department at the Denver Art Museum.

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