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Have Homegrown Fun at Untitled

February 26, 6—10 pm

This month, Untitled is gearing up to dig into the landscapes, locals, and history that make a place a home.

From LoHi to SoBro (or SoBo), Westminster to the Western Slope, it’s time to represent! The Colorado flag is on everything these days, so throw your hat into the ring and design your own state flag while shouting city catch phrases from the rooftops. Show off your Colorado creations for a chance to take home awesome prizes from local cool factory, Coloradical.

Before you put down roots, sow your wild oats one more time. Gather your oxen and hit the road for a museum-wide “Colorado Trail” led by those scavenger masters from Denver Public Library. You’ll encounter memorable Colorado characters and challenging choices along the way as you blaze through the wild museum lands.

While you’re in a traveling state of mind, visit our New Mexico neighbors on a tour of A Place in the Sun with curator Thomas Brent Smith and special guest, Miles—a hometown hero, who’s sure to get you cheering. Hint, hint, he’s a real winner who’s sure to bowl you over. Continue on your trip to Main Street to meet artist Danny Singer and learn about the small town stories in his spectacular show, Standing Still.

But really, there’s no place like home, and it’s about time to make your own! Draw inspiration from the native soil on view and make a miniature dream world with Becky Wareing Steel of Miniatures for a Modern World.

Speaking of miniatures…Rocky Mountain Micro Ranch is here to tell you about a locally sourced treat that will power you through the home stretch (or have you heading for the hills). Ranching ain’t just for cattle, cowboy; crickets are what’s for dinner!

Should you find yourself trailing behind, catch up with the Denver Parks and Wildlife crew as they walk you through the (painted) beauty in your own backyard. There’s a 14er right here in the building and its beauty will stop you in your tracks. Didn’t bring your hiking boots? Fear not, we’re here for you city folks as well. Artist Meghan Wilbar shows us a whole new 5280, as seen from the top floor perch of our own home (the North Building that is).

Whether you’re a native or a recent transplant (welcome!), you know that our dear Denver is changing every day. Lucky for us, Warm Cookies of the Revolution is here to help us build pride of place as we continue to grow. Join them this month to cast your vote on the cosmopolitan future of our queen city of the plains. Home is where the heart is and our longtime loves, Buntport Theater is back again with another edition of Joan and Charlie Discuss Tonight’s Theme.

Last but not least, we’ve got something beautiful planned that you’re sure to write…well...home about. Nebula Chamber Ensemble from DU will be performing Reconstructing Apoptosis (named for a process of cellular regrowth in the body. What’s more “homegrown” than that?) Made in collaboration with ceramic installation artists Katie Caron and Martha Russo.

See you all there!

Lauren Hegge is the former adult programs coordinator in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum.

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