Stephen Brackett sitting in a chair in front of a brick wall and windows

Get to Know Stephen Brackett-Our August Untitled Creative

August 31, 6-10 pm

Stephen Brackett (of Flobots) is the creative mind behind Untitled Final Friday at the Denver Art Museum on August 31. Check out our Q&A and then come to Untitled to experience the fun! Check out the program.

I am a speech language mythologist. I combine rhymes, beats, and ritual in public settings with an orientation towards mass liberation, aka, I’m a rapper and I like to raise roofs and other inhibitional architecture.

– Stephen Brackett

DAM: If you could do anything you want in a museum, what would it be?

SB: I would love to have an epic sleepover/ pillow fight/ capture the flag/escape room/hullabaloo type thing.

DAM: You’re passing out invitations to your event ….what do they say??


DAM: What’s your vision for a great evening out?

SB: Hilarious encounters with something unexpected.

DAM: Who are some of the coolest people in Denver you know?

SB: 3rd graders, hands down the most creative people I’ve ever kicked it with.

DAM: And how can we work with them?

SB: Oh, I see…. Cuz y'all do a pretty good job working with them already. I’d say the Birdseed Collective is doing remarkable things with public art and community contributions.

DAM: What is a museum?

SB: A building filled with more beauty and pain than its walls can hold or display. A treasure trove of missed opportunities. It is a place where power and agony can be.

DAM: What’s an exhibition that doesn’t exist, but probably should?

SB: I love going to the Tattered Cover and seeing which books the folks who work there chose. I’d love to see some kind of open source exhibition once a year. I’m picturing here are the pieces curated by the steelworkers union, next year it is the amazing (aforementioned) 3rd graders of Tollgate Elementary. Groups would submit which works from the collection they would like to highlight and a selection panel made up of K-12, after school, and college art teachers and librarians would vote on the best exhibit.

DAM: If you could collaborate with anyone (past or present), who would it be?

SB: Easy, 3rd-grade Stephen! That guy had some amazing ideas!!!

DAM: If you could express yourself in any other medium, what would it be?

SB: I feel as though if I had an answer to that question then I would also have a new project. If I want to do something new, I am obligated to try it. I can’t think of anything right now. I mean I’ve been having a rocky start with telepathy?

DAM: How would you define a creative?

SB: A person who enjoys creating solutions to impossible problems.

DAM: What’s a movie that you can quote every line?

SB: The Dark Crystal

DAM: What’s your favorite place in Denver?

SB: Anywhere my wife is.

DAM: What are your hopes for your Untitled?

SB: That people leave feeling connected, challenged, and seen.

DAM: Who do you hope attends this Untitled?

SB: People who are slightly intimidated by trying something new, but who refuse to be ruled by such hesitations.

DAM: Do you have a favorite memory from a past Untitled?

SB: Any of the Untitleds that have involved DANCE. Museums are such great venues for movement.

DAM: Tell us one unique thing about you and/or your art.

SB: Nothing really. The unique things comes from the mixture of those who participate. That will always be a unique set of bodies, and voices, and harmonies. Never to be replicated in that exact form again, I love that.

DAM: What else are you working on?

SB: I’m working on an immersive play tentatively called Zabiti with a bunch of amazing Denver people. I’m producing a great podcast with Youth on Record which will be up in September. I’m really passionate about the mental health ballot issue (Caring 4 Denver) that is coming up this November. Flobots are working on a few new songs. I have a play and musical in the works, and a new puppy named Scout. Guess which is taking priority!

DAM: Where can people learn more about you and your work?

SB: Oh no, self promotion! I am terrible at this part. Ask my wife? I guess Instagram would be a choice…@breness.

Lauren Donald is a studio and artist programs assistant at the Denver Art Museum.

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