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Flower Studio Demo Artist Chinn Wang

Chinn Wang will be in the Flower Studio at the Denver Art Museum noon-3 pm on August 8 and 9 demonstrating screen printing.

Chinn Wang, a native of Columbus Ohio, is currently a local printmaker in the Denver community. The most recent floral prints that Chinn has been creating are influenced by the great outdoors of Colorado and the many wildflowers that can be spotted around the Rocky Mountain region. As an artist, Chinn has always been interested in the symbolic nature of flowers, however with her move to Colorado and her mother being an amateur naturalist, Chinn began taking a closer look at the surrounding flowers so as to share with her mother.

“This close looking at flowers also led me to an interest in floriography, a Victorian-era practice of the language of flowers,” she said. “Individual flower blooms carried with them specific symbology and coded messages, passed between covert lovers in a time of extreme decorum. I am particularly interested in how people living in that time were so fluent in this language of flowers, and how that fluency has become lost over time.”

With the medium of printmaking, Chinn concentrates most of her work on screen printing. This technique entails pulling ink across a large taut piece of mesh using a squeegee. The ink is then transferred through the mesh onto whatever type of material the artist decides to print on. Stencils and ink-blocking material can be adhered to the screen so that an image or pattern is transferred onto the printing surface. Chinn almost exclusively uses this process, and is interested in what the flowers and plants can say and the unique spaces that can be created through the layering of printmaking. The element of space between recognition and abstraction is one that she enjoys incorporating into her works.

Prior to working with floral elements, Chinn’s work was focused on coded symbolic language that could be presented through imagery. She created many installation pieces and work related to heraldic imagery and totems.

Chinn received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California Berkeley and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin Madison. Currently Wang is a Lecturer and Foundations Coordinator at the University of Denver.

Chinn will be demoing her artistic process in the flower studio on August 8 and 9.

For a sneak peek at Chinn’s work take a look at this artist talk.


Heather Kraft was a 2015 summer intern at the Denver Art Museum. One of her favorite exhibitions that has been on view here is Barbara Bosworth: Quiet Wonder.

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