Flower Studio

Flower Studio Demo Artist Carina Aguilar

Carina Aguilar will be in the Flower Studio on August 1 and 2. She will be demonstrating floral structures, mainly focusing on the manipulation of flowers, leaves, and branches. The importance of floral lighting and placement will also be featured in her demonstration.

Carina Aguilar has been inspired by flowers from a young age. Introduced to floral design by her mother, a floral designer, both Carina and her twin sister fell into the same career path. Carina and her sister are both currently co-chairs on the Board of Directors for The Floral Association of the Rockies. Together, they organize and provide new experiences for the floral community, which include showcases and classes.

“I like to find inspiration from different creative outlets,” Aguilar said describing her work routine. “One of my favorites is culinary art and fashion design. Blending and marrying multiple items together and their result inspire my creativity.”

After inspiration come the more structured aspects of design. “Then, planning, planning, planning. I often will create multiple lists, and along with the lists will come sketches to organize my thoughts and ideas to finalize my vision.”

Flowers by Carina Aguilar.

Aguilar is busy designing special and memorable wedding floral experiences. Her creative process typically begins with an idea or stimuli, whether a sensory experience or a conversation. Once a visual concept is formed, she starts creating. While her studio is organized at the beginning, the chaos and accidents that occur during her process often give her inspiration.

“Imperfections and accidents when designing can also be inspiring in that they are unexpected and can shift an idea in a different way, which can end up as a whole new item,” she said. “So this defiantly affects the end result in a positive manner. I say let it flow and guide itself. The end result is meant to be as an interpretation of not only you but your environment as well.”

Ariel Spiegelman was an intern in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum. She is getting her master's at the University of Texas in Austin in art education, and her favorite monthly event at the museum is Untitled Final Fridays.

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