Creative-in-Residence, Arthur Williams, Babylon Floral

Flower Studio Demo Artist Arthur Williams

With In Bloom, flowers of all kind have been budding throughout the Denver Art Museum. Colorado artist Arthur Williams has been invited to join in on the flower explosion to demonstrate his artistic techniques while designing with flowers. You can catch Arthur Williams in the Flower Studio July 25 and 26, and conducting his creative residency at the DAM in August.

In his downtown Denver flower shop, which also doubles as his artist studio, he creates elegant, unique floral arrangements and dynamic floral couture. Below, he shares some insights about Arthur’s career as an artist in our Q & A.

Candice Frazier: What types of demonstrations will you be doing in the Flower Studio?

Arthur Williams: For the Flower Studio, I'm planning on focusing on more detailed wedding work and structural arrangements. Keeping things real casual and interactive with people. The feeling will be similar to a busy day at my shop, but with no phones ringing!

CF: Are your inspirations and ideas pulled from a specific source? Or do they come at you haphazardly?

AW: On a daily basis I would consider my work collaborative with our clients. How we can achieve the desired arrangement with the constraint of a price range, color scheme, and amount of time the arrangement needs to last. When I'm designing purely for myself, I draw inspiration from modern Japanese and European floral design, architecture, and fashion. Sometimes just a single bloom is all that's necessary.

CF: Explain the atmosphere of your studio space. Loud, quiet? Just you, guests?

AW: My shop includes three designers, (including myself) a bookkeeper, a floating "do it all person," and sometimes a dog or two. It ranges from brief moments of tranquility to utter chaos with barely enough room to move around.

CF: Were you ever insecure about your work in any aspect in the beginning? Or even now?

AW: Actually, no. I can look back at early work and see the progression of my work, though, and I'm constantly learning new techniques and new varieties of flowers. It’s a never-ending process.

CF: Can you describe what the pinnacle of your success would look like? Do feel you’ve reached it thus far?

AW: Every time something amazing and career changing happens and I think "this is it, this can't get any better" something bigger happens! This year I'll be inducted into the American Institute of Floral Designers and I'm a Creative-in-Residence at the DAM. It's going to take something huge to beat this summer!

CF: What is one place you’ve dreamed of having your work displayed?

AW: The Fleurop-Interflora World Cup. Competing with the world's best would definitely make me very happy. I'm committed to showing the public the possibilities of floral design and art.

Watch the video below to learn more about Arthur.

Candice Frazier was a 2015 summer intern in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum. One of her favorite artworks is El Anatsui’s Rain Has No Father?, 2008 (in the African art collection on level 4 of the Hamilton Building). As an artist, she celebrates and appreciates the great craftsmanship that is exemplified in Anatsui’s particular piece.

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