Kids making art at Free First Saturday

Explore New Artmaking Activities at the Denver Art Museum

Art comes in many forms: paintings, sculptures, and household objects to name a few. The current Create-n-Takes focus on two very unique objects in the Denver Art Museum’s collection.

One Create-n-Take—Screen Stories—features a Chinese tabletop screen on Level 5 of the North Building. All ages are welcome to participate. Dive into a discussion about the intricate details imbedded in the six panels on the screen.

There are so many fascinating details to discover, from the story depicted—a love poem illustrated on the front of the screen and written on the back—to how the screen was made. Artisans inlaid gleaming mother-of-pearl into the panels to tell the story. At Screen Stories, you have the opportunity to make your own miniature screen and tell your story, complete with shimmering illustrations.

an example of a chinese screen artmaking activity

Journey one level down to Level 4 of the North Building and explore the unique, detailed objects called tupu pins. At the Tupu Together Create-n-Take, discover the artistry and history of these small, spoon-shaped objects. Talk about the merging of cultures and the origins of the distinctive designs. Then create your own pin to wear home!

tupu pin

We invite you to get inspired by these amazing objects from now until February 5. General admission for youth age 18 and younger is free!

Star Wars and the Power of Costume requires a special admission ticket.

Natalie Ruhe Thomas, coordinator of family and community programs, also contributed to this blog.

Lindsay Genshaft is manager of family and community programs at the Denver Art Museum.

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