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Explore Dance, Photography, Animation & Art at Untitled: Stop Motion

Sept. 30, 2016, 6-10 pm

Untitled: Stop Motion is the last of our dance-themed Untitled Final Fridays, exploring dance, photography, and artworks that express time. Join us for hands-on activities, dancing, performances, and artist talks.

Explore where stop-motion animation began. Create your own animated flip-book masterpiece, or you can twirl into action with zoetropes and thaumatropes that bring the action to life.

Get steppin’ and join Wonderbound dance company and Legwork Studio for one last waltz through #dancelab. Learn how stop motion and smooth moves were beautifully paired to make the summer’s hippest art stop, and then get down for a dance party celebration that will send it off in style!

Keep the beats rolling and break it on down with the pop and lock all-stars of Denver’s School of Breaking. Watch them step and spin, yell out a big hip-hop hooray and maybe even pick up some new moves in this don’t-miss performance!

Next-up on the Untitled Final Friday party train, join three-time recipient of the Encore Performance Award at the Boulder International Fringe Festival Laura Ann Samuelson for an interactive dance workshop that will have you making moves and running amuck.

If you start to feel tired and need to catch your breath, you can slow down and practice some Mindful Looking with a Denver Art Museum expert. We’ll be examining Christian Rex van Minnen's VOC Jellyfish Fry in all its gooey glory and delicious detail. Grab a seat and let’s expand those observation skills and stay in the moment.

Take another paws with videographer Evan Mann as you bear witness to a MakeARTtalk inspired by one crazy dance. Evan is an amazing stop-motion animator and has created a brand new piece that’s sure to transport you into a wonderland full of grizzly emotion.

Get snappin’ with some picture perfect activities.

Focus your gaze on the photographs of William H. Bell and Timothy H. O’Sullivan through a detour double-take that pairs aperture and adventure through the lens of On Desert Time. Join an experienced climber from Denver Mountain Guiding and the DAM’s own photography experts as they traverse rocky landscapes and explore uncharted territories of photography and outdoor fun.

Jump in and get ready for another flash of inspiration with Colorado Photographic Art Center. Team up with photographer Grant Leighton and pick up insider tips on how to freeze the frame and capture the action.

Our Untitled regulars are here to keep things moving. Warm Cookies of the Revolution wants to know what would it take to for you to drop everything and stop going to work? Join our political pals for an experimental conversation about civil disobedience that will have you searching your soul and, maybe, picking sides.

Joan and Charlie

Take a laugh break with Buntport Theater. Joan and Charlie are stopping by for another night of fun, so hold the elevator and enjoy the show.

Lauren Hegge is the former adult programs coordinator in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum.

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