Gallery view of Glory of Venice exhibition

Exhibition Design Inspired by Venetian Art, Streets, Canals & Churches

When visitors step into Glory of Venice: Masterworks of the Renaissance, many have expressed how they feel transported to Venice—through the rich colors, the music, the atmospheric details, murals, and of course, through the artworks. This kind of immersive experience is a hallmark of the Denver Art Museum’s exhibition design and planning, where every detail of the gallery space is a thoughtful exercise in how to enhance the visitor experience.

Read below to see how our exhibition planning team created a space that best serves the artworks and evokes the special atmosphere of Venice.


The exhibition includes oversized and small, jewel-like paintings that beg a closer look, so the gallery spaces required a varied cadence, alternating between intimate sections and larger spaces where paintings have more breathing room. The exhibition planning team also wanted the layout to call to mind the unexpected perspectives and surprises one might find wandering through the narrow calles, or streets, of Venice. The resulting layout includes meandering curves, sharp corners, intimate nooks, take-your-breath-away sight lines. No two spaces are exactly alike.

Lauren Thompson is interpretive specialist for western American and European and American art in the learning and engagement department at the Denver Art Museum.