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Stratus Chamber Orchestra, Ravi Zupa & More

Friday, April 29, 6─10 pm

UPDATE: Arthur Williams will not be at Untitled this evening.

This month at Untitled, we’re suiting up and preparing for action in our second installment of Samurai-inspired celebrations! We’ve got a night of face-offs, heroic tales, and victorious orchestrations in store.

Round One–Sounds of Battle. For a spectacular main event, Stratus Chamber Orchestra is here to steal the show and bring the battles of samurai to life in a sneak peek performance of a new orchestration that will put you right in the middle of the action. Working with internationally renowned violinist and composer Gregory Walker, Stratus connects us with the culture and glory of Japan’s celebrated warriors, the samurai!

Round Two–Face-off! The librarians are present and here to make you blink in a Marina Abramović- inspired staring contest from the merry pranksters at Denver Public Library. Bring your eye drops and give 'em the stink eye for a chance to win prizes and a whole lot of bragging rights.

Okay, now stop stalling and suit-up for a Game of Thrones celebration as we tour the galleries looking for tales of dragons, walkers, and feuding families. Dress up as your favorite GOT character and join some super-fans for a participatory detour that’s all fun and…games.

Round Three–Unsung Heroes. Let out your battle cries with Warm Cookies of the Revolution in a show and tell-all of battle scars and tales of war. Share your stories and learn what’s worth fighting for from some real hometown heroes. Next up, in the red corner, representing Denver, triple threat artist Ravi Amar Zupa is here to get this show on the road and share a new Tibetan-inspired print made from a real road warrior…a traffic cone! We’re thrilled to have Ravi in the house – what a great MakeARTtalk artist!

Also, get the inside scoop on the tug of wars involved in hanging some of the DAM’s trickiest installations. Our exhibitions warriors show off the ins and out of putting a show up and taking the whole thing down. Ever tried hanging something on a diagonal wall? Trust me, it’s a real uphill battle!

Bonus Round–Victory Dance. Grab your friends, enemies, and frenemies and act out in a photo booth showdown that will have you picking sides and showing off for the camera. When you’ve finished your victory laughs, head to the show down in the auditorium, a screening of former Native Arts Artist-in-Residence Jeffrey Gibson’s one becomes the other. Join Gibson, Native arts curator John Lukavic, and participating local dancers to learn about powwow dance showdowns and the inspirations behind this film.

TIP: See the Samurai exhibition while you're here (it's open late for Untitled). A separate timed-entry ticket is required—reserve yours now.

Lauren Hegge is the former adult programs coordinator in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum.

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