School kids pointing at an artwork on the wall in a gallery at the museum


Donate Today to help Colorado school kids

“Whoa!” “Wow!” “Oooo!” “So cool!”

Those are the sounds of amazement coming from kids immersed in an artmaking project at the Denver Art Museum. These exclamations also affirm that the DAM is a welcoming place where children can make new discoveries, expand their knowledge, and connect their natural curiosity to the wider world.

The museum takes pride in making all experiences as unique as the kids coming through our doors. Every year the DAM strives to be a museum for all school kids by removing barriers that can prevent visiting–especially costs. Which is why we are so proud that with support through the DAM’s Free for Kids program and the bus fund, more than 71,000 school kids visited last year.

In one visit, school kids can learn about animals through the lens of artists across a range of backgrounds and time periods in Stampede: Animals in Art; explore process and techniques to fuel imagination in Degas: A Passion for Perfection; and explore new possibilities in Past the Tangled Present.

With your support, even more school kids can unlock their creative potential through art opportunities at the DAM. Give today to help Colorado school kids engage with art and discover skills that will help them learn, grow and succeed!

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