Dancers in regalia performing at the 2019 powwow outside on grass in front of the Denver Art Museum with a crowd watching

Dance in the Virtual Friendship Powwow

Submit Video August 7-24, 2020

The 31st annual Denver Art Museum Friendship Powwow is going virtual (on Facebook and Youtube on September 12). This is a call for dancers to register online and submit video to be considered for a $200 winner-takes-all prize for each of the following categories:

  • Golden Age – Women (Combined) (56+) [song]
  • Golden Age – Men (Combined) (56+) [song]
  • Jrs/Teens Girls Traditional (5-18) [song]
  • Women’s Traditional (18+) [song]
  • Jrs/ Teens Boys Traditional/ Southern Straight (5-18) [song]
  • Men’s Traditional/ Southern Straight (18+) [song]
  • Jrs/ Teens Jingle Dress (5-18) [song]
  • Women’s Jingle Dress (18+) [song]
  • Jrs/ Teens Grass (5-18) [song]
  • Men’s Grass (18+) [song]
  • Jrs/ Teens Girls Fancy Shawl (5-18) [song]
  • Women’s Fancy Shawl (18+) [song]
  • Jrs/ Teens Boys Fancy (5-18) [song]
  • Men’s Fancy (18+) [song]

Additionally, if you have a Tiny Tot dancer that would like to dance to appear in a video montage at our live virtual event on September 12, please submit a video [song]. However, please note there will be no Tiny Tot prizes.


To register, please fill out all fields in this Jotform by 9 am on Monday, August 24.

Winners will be chosen by selected judges, NOT by “likes." To submit your video to the judges, use the Cinebody platform and upload your video in portrait mode (vertical orientation).

iPhone Users

Instructions for the Cinebody app.

  1. Download the Cinebody app and create a free account
  2. Enter the project code: damvp
  3. Click on the “DAM Virtual Powwow” project
  4. Click on the camera button (if you need to record still) or click the upload button if you already have a video recorded that you want to upload to the app
  5. Select which category (called a “shot” in Cinebody) you want to upload your video to by scrolling through them on the bottom of your screen
  6. Tap the white button, then tap the red record button to start recording with your phone in portrait mode. Hit the red record button again to stop recording and your video will upload to the app.

Android users

Instructions for the Cinebody app.

  1. Create a Cinebody account if you don’t already have one
  2. Click on the “DAM Virtual Powwow” project
  3. Click on the blue “Upload” button
  4. Select which category (called a “shot” in Cinebody) you want to upload your entry to
  5. Click “select files”
  6. Click either “files” (if you’re uploading video that has already been recorded) or click “camcorder” if you still need to record
  7. Start recording in portrait mode if you didn’t upload a pre-recorded file. Once the recording stops, hit “Ok” and your video will begin uploading to the project.

Please note: Only video submissions that are entered through the Cinebody app or website will be considered for the prizes. However, we encourage you to share your video submission on social media with the hashtag #DAMILoveToPowwow.

Please make sure to register via the Jotform. Winners will be contacted with the information they provided through this form after the powwow, at which time we will set you up in our accounting system so you can receive your prize payment via check or direct deposit.

If you have issues with the Cinebody app, you can contact them at

If you have questions about the virtual powwow, you can contact Julia Strunk at or Erlidawn Roy at

Julia Strunk is the curatorial assistant in the department of Native arts at the Denver Art Museum.