The DAM & the Museo de Arte Populars Artist in Residency Program Builds Bridges Through Art

The DAM & the Museo de Arte Populars Artist in Residency Program Builds Bridges Through Art

This month the Denver Art Museum celebrates a growing partnership with the Mexican Cultural Center (MCC) and the Museo de Arte Popular (MAP), and what better way than with this month’s CelebrARTE: Aventuras where we adventure on a weeklong journey along the Camino Realthe historic route that connected Mexico City to its northern frontiers, including Colorado.

The DAM, MCC, and the MAP recognized the centuries-old route still connects our communities, and felt the importance of establishing this cultural exchange to build bridges through the arts. Along the way you’ll meet Sergio Yony Reyes, our visiting artist-in-residence based in Mexico City. Maestro Reyes is an artesano, or popular artist, who creates vibrant toys, piñatas, figurines, and fantastical creatures in the art of cartonería, the historic art of Mexican papier-mâché sculpture.

Drop in to the DAM every day this week to participate in this bilingual, international art project and taller (master artist’s workshop) for all ages. Visit on Tuesday or Friday to get to know the maestro as he works, and assist as he creates a new work of art in the fourth floor galleries in the North Building. On Wednesday, Thursday, or during CelebrARTE on Sunday you can participate in our taller and build your own piñata!

¡Ojo! Maestro Reyes is just one of the many master artists the museum will host in partnership with these organizations. Keep an eye out as we continue to plan family-friendly events celebrating the impact of Latin American arts and artists in our community.

Nathalie Miraval is a Latino cultural programs intern in the education department at the Denver Art Museum.

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