Creating a Legacy

Creating a Legacy

Wagner and Annalee Schorr have been involved with the Denver Art Museum since the mid-1970s and have been First 100 Museum Associate members for nearly 20 years. Wag, a retired physician, and Annalee, an artist herself, are passionate about the modern and contemporary department of the DAM and recently discovered a new way to highlight this special area of interest by planning a gift from their IRA.

Designating a percentage of their IRA helps their children and grandchildren avoid future tax action while preserving other portions of their estate. “It’s structurally a very easy thing to do. We get to utilize our resources throughout the time we need them and at the end of that time, when we are both gone, those resources can be put to a very good use,” Wag says. Annalee adds, “We love seeing the innovative exhibitions at the DAM which highlight the newest up-and-coming artists of our time, and we want to do our part to make sure the museum is able to continue that focus for years to come.”

Planned gifts play a fundamental role in the museum’s longevity. Christoph Heinrich, Frederick and Jan Mayer Director, said, “We are so grateful that Wag and Annalee have created a legacy which honors their passion for contemporary art.”

Is an IRA or other legacy gift right for you? There are many ways to leave a lasting legacy at the Denver Art Museum. The museum's staff would be pleased to discuss planned giving options.

Leah Fell was the associate director of development at the Denver Art Museum. Her favorite exhibition was Super Indian: Fritz Scholder 1967–1980.

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