Models in fashions by Gabriela Martinez

Costume Studio Demo Artist Gabriela Martinez

Gabriela Martinez will be in the Costume Studio demonstrating costume design April 1-2 and May 6-7, 2017.

Gabriela Martinez was born in Los Angeles in 1974. She began creating doll clothes and one-of-a-kind wardrobes for family and friends. At age 17 she began her education at the Universidad Regional del Norte in Chihuahua, Mexico where she received her bachelor degree in fashion design. She then opened her first modest atelier at age 22, importing fabrics from New York and California to Mexico. Gabriela Martinez has won several awards including The Denver Fashion Designer of the year by RAW (2013), The Denver Rising Fashion Star in the evening wear and special occasion by FGI, Best Special Occasion Designer by FACE (2010), and first place winner The Denver Fashion Festival for best design (2010).

Holly Nordeck: What will your demonstration look like? What will you be showcasing?

Gabriela Martinez: I will be showcasing how to make fairy-tale princess dresses and my second showcase will be about the circus like candy, clowns, animals, and bright colors.

HN: How did you get into the work you make now?

GM: I’m my mother’s dream come true. She always wanted to be a fashion designer and she saw that in me. She said that I had the talent to be one and the creativity. She pushed me to be a fashion designer and, thanks to her, l am what l am now and I love it.

HN: Could you describe your work style/ aesthetic?

GM: My work style is elegant and it also has a sexy taste and feminism.

HN: How do you think your background has influenced your work?

GM: I think my background has influence in my work, by the guides that my past generations have given me. I have grown a lot and all that is because of my mother and grandmother.

HN: How do you think fashion and costume design relate to each other in your work?

GM: I think fashion and costume design relate to each other in my work because they are in this together with creativity, and to build a costume you need proportion of the human body as you also do to build a garment.

HN: Lastly, what are your favorite fabrics you incorporate in your work, and why?

GM: I don’t have favorite fabrics. l think all of them are beautiful; depends on how l am feeling—the colors and the patterns on the fabric.

Photo: Courtesy of Gabriela Martinez.

Holly Nordeck is a program facilitator in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum. She loves the museum’s modern and contemporary art collection.