The words Each Other embroidered on a bandana

Contribute to Each/Other Art Exhibition

Contribute to a monumental artwork by artists Cannupa Hanska Luger and Marie Watt. Embroider a message onto a bandana, which the artists will incorporate into a large-scale sculpture for the Each/Other exhibition, which opens at the DAM in 2021.

Embroidered bandanas are needed by October 31, 2020.

Can acts of creative collaboration help heal broken bonds with the environment and with each other? Artists Cannupa Hanska Luger and Marie Watt invite the public to consider such questions while contributing to the physical manifestation of a large-scale sculptural installation. Through national and international participation, the artwork will become a temporary monument to collective relationship and collaborative handwork, bringing audiences into a tactile encounter with critically relevant issues of protection, shelter, reciprocity, sustenance, exchange, power, action, stewardship, wildness, kinship, vulnerability, and ferocity.


1. Acquire a bandana or a piece of repurposed fabric roughly the size of a bandana

2. Fold bandana/fabric corner to corner to create a triangle

3. Embroider/stitch text, imagery or any other visual sentiment onto a corner portion of the fabric

4. Ship to the artists at this address:

Camp Colton

℅ Each/Other

30088 S Camp Colton Dr

Colton, OR 97017

Learn more about the artists and the project:

Video filmed at Camp Colton, OR, by Barbara Soulé of Native Arts & Cultures Foundation. Edited by Razelle Benally of Red Brigade Films. Art Direction and Music by Ginger Dunnill.

John P. Lukavic is the Andrew W. Mellon Curator of Native Arts at the Denver Art Museum. He has been with DAM since 2012.