Photo of members of the Senior Advisory Panel and several DAM staff people

The Community Behind Mi Tierra

Just as we seek inspiration from the world at large for our exhibitions we also rely on different viewpoints to remain relevant to our community, to be part of the current conversations, and reflect the topics concerning our city and our world.

This was particularly true as the team began to formulate ideas around what is now the exciting exhibition of Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place. The exhibition, which includes 13 Latino artists sharing experiences of contemporary life in the American West, benefited from the perspectives and collaboration of many people along the way, including the following three groups:

Senior Advisory Panel (pictured above), made up of local scholars and museum directors from other institutions—This team, led by modern and contemporary art curator Rebecca Hart, supported the curatorial vision for the show.

Maruca Salazar, director, Museo de las Americas

David Dadone, director, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Rafael Fajardo, director, Emergent Digital Practice, University of Denver

Celeste Montoya Kirk, director, Miramontes Arts & Sciences Program; professor women and gender studies, Colorado University, Boulder

Jorge Rivas Pérez, DAM internal advisor; curator of Spanish Colonial art

Community Advisory Group, comprised of local artists and arts professionals—This group helped us inform our interpretive materials and programs related to Mi Tierra. Many of these group members became part of the exhibition experience and are included in an in-gallery video featuring a Q&A with select artists.

Frank Lucero, Denver Art Museum

Chrissy Deal, WESTAF (program associate), The Denver Foundation (board member)

Marcela de la Mar, executive director, Mexican Cultural Center

Rudi Monterroso, DAVA (program leader)

Alex Jimenez, program director, Platte Forum

Madalena Salazar, Western States Arts Federation

Sister Alicia Curón

Latino Audience Alliance, an institutional advisory committee made up of civic leaders and community influencers, which was relaunched in 2015—This team shared crucial perspectives that ultimately shaped the exhibition, our communications, and outreach.

Adrianna Abarca, Ready Foods

Patricia Baca, Denver Art Museum Board of Trustees

Patricia Barela Rivera, President and Owner, PBR Solutions

Sister Alicia Curón

Chrissy Deal, Program Manager, Western States Arts Federation

Marcela De la Mar, Mexican Cultural Center

Lucha Martinez de Luna

George Martinez, Board Member Museo de las Americas

Tariana Navas-Nieves, Director, Cultural Affairs, Denver Arts and Venues

Jesse Ogas, Vice President of Social Responsibility and Development, Firefly Autism

Sister Lydia Peña, Sisters of Loreto

Virginia Garcia Ovejero Pivik, Communications Consultant

John Rivera, SVP/Chief Retail Officer, Bellco Credit Union

Rosemary Rodriguez, State Director, Senator Michael Bennet

Madalena Salazar, Western States Arts Federation

Laura Sonderup, Managing Director, Hispanidad

Elizabeth Suarez, Consultant

We thank all of our partners who provide their own perspectives and help us embrace, better understand, and discuss some of the complex issues facing us as global citizens today.

Danielle St. Peter is the interpretive specialist for modern and contemporary art at the Denver Art Museum, as well as the manager of tour programs. She has been with the DAM since June 2013.