Joan and Charlie performing at Untitled

Celebrate Halloween Eve at Untitled

Untitled: Flip Side on Friday, October 30 (6–10 pm) is here to uncover hidden mysteries in the collection and turn the town upside down in a night of museum mayhem. It’s the last Untitled of the year and we’re leaving no stones unturned to bring you a great All Hallow’s Eve eve here at the Denver Art Museum. Download a schedule of events here (PDF).

Take a Creepy Tour

Think you know your way around? Well, show us what you’ve got, and don’t flip out when you see what we’ve been hiding. Test your recall and race through the halls in the creepiest tours this side of the Mississippi. Travel in packs or be a lone wolf, the fastest finders take the prize.

Go Behind the Scenes of Super Indian

At this Untitled, we're learning about the many sides of Fritz Scholder, Super Indian in a behind-the-scenes chat with associate curator of native arts, John Lukavic. We've bid our foxes a fond farewell for the moment and revealed a groundbreaking gallery full of bright color and contemporary contradictions. As an extra special treat, musician Robert Louis Cole is here to flip the record and preform a suite of Scholder-inspired original songs. Listen up and get down, this is sure to be an in-gallery experience you won't soon forget.

Learn the Secrets of The Denver Mint

With the end of our season upon us, it's out with the old and in with the new as we join Live Urban Real Estate agents to learn about the lofty ideals and hidden horrors of home ownership in a Detour that we'll appreciate for years to come. Don't know what to do with all that flip money? Fear not! The Denver Mint is here to help guide your investment as they reveal the secrets on both sides of the coin.

Enjoy a Tasty Treat

Grab your chopsticks and get here quick! Andrew Novick's parked outside to surprise your sweet tooth with a pop-up ramen cart you do NOT want to miss! Once you're full, head inside to sneak a peak at the many facets of photographer Bill Adams in a photographic self-portrait inspired by Medusa herself! And now that you're feeling brave...come check out our backsides in a revealing behind-the-scenes talk that will uncover the secrets hidden within our textiles.

Zombies Flirting with Disaster

Okay, okay, we know it's not technically Halloween, but we just couldn't resist exploring our dark side...

Resurrect the fashionable ladies in our European collection with a Zombie Barbie workshop brought to you by the DIY dynamos at Arapahoe Libraries. It's the Dawn of the Dolls and Barbie's out for your brains!

Speaking of crisis, it's time to prepare for the worst. Join Warm Cookies of the Revolution and local activists as they flirt with disaster and come out on top.

And while we’re at it, did we mention costumes? We’re in the Halloween spirit, so why not slap on your swim caps and dress up like Joan & Charlie?! They're bursting at the seams in an extra special edition of Joan and Charlie Discuss Tonight’s Theme. If you're planning on wearing a costume, keep in mind:

1. Masks are not allowed in the museum.

2. Full face paint is not allowed. You can use a little (a design around an eye or on a cheek), but painting your entire face is a no-no.

Help Us Plan for 2016

Want to collaborate with us? Come to a brainstorming session on November 20 and share your ideas.

Catch you on the flipside!

Lauren Hegge is the former adult programs coordinator in the department of learning and engagement at the Denver Art Museum.

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