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Movies to watch during quarantine
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Movies about Artists to Watch While at Home

We've all had to find ways to pass the time and stay connected to our passions while at home these past few weeks. For many of us, myself included, that's meant turning to movies and television as a source of inspiration and comfort. More

A tablescape inspired by Alexander Girard
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The Playful Table Arrangements of Alexander Girard

In honor of architect and designer Alexander Girard's birthday (born on May 24, 1907), museum curator Darrin Alfred took inspiration from Girard's conviction that beauty can be found amid everyday life and applied it to the anchor of every day during the COVID-19 pandemic: dinner. With the help of local designer Megan Hudacky Larabee, the two looked at ways vibrant table settings can be a vehicle for creativity and expression. More

DAM curator John Lukavic examining an upper Missour shirt.
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Studying Art through the Lens of a Pandemic

What Biographical War Shirts from the Early 1800's Tell Us about Cultural Resilience in the Face of Disease

As many of us find ourselves working and studying from home during the worldwide spread of COVID-19, let us use this time to think about the impacts other pandemics and epidemics have had on world populations and their arts. More

Local artist Elizabeth Morisette making face masks
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Local Artists Embrace New Canvas: Face Masks

Given our current reality, we have all had to adjust to wearing face masks when out in public. We commend the local makers who've been creating masks for charitable purposes, and it has given artists an exciting opportunity to use them as a vehicle for creativity and expression. More

Stereotypes in Remington's Fight for the Waterhole 
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Stereotypes in Remington's Fight for the Waterhole 

In the year 1903, the East Coast was inundated by people immigrating to the United States in hopes of a brighter future. Euro-Americans, including Frederic Remington, worried about overcrowding and the rapid pace of change. While some looked forward to modernization, others—Remington among them—decried the loss of what had come before. As an antidote, he concocted romanticized notions of wide-open spaces. I say concocted because by this time much of the West had already succumbed to “progress.” Fenced and barb-wired for future prosperity, and readily reachable by train, the West depicted in this image no longer existed at the time Remington made this painting. More

Thomas Cole's "Dream of Arcadia"
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Inside the Collection: Dream of Arcadia

Not content with being, as he said, “a mere leaf painter,” the painter Thomas Cole recognized that unadorned landscape alone was insufficiently worthy as a subject of fine art. Instead, he strove to balance nature with examples of prior landscape paintings by other artists. More

Keith Haring, Altarpiece
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Inside the Collection: Altarpiece

Altarpiece, gifted to the Denver Art Museum by Yoko Ono, is considered Keith Haring’s final work, executed weeks before the artist died of AIDS on February 16, 1990. It serves as a testament to the power of creativity and the artist’s willingness to share his vision even as he was mortally ill. More

photo of Claude Monet sitting on a chair
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20 Quotes from Claude Monet

In honor of Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature, we gathered the following quotes by the artist. The Denver Art Museum is the only venue in the United States for this exhibition, which is on view through February 2, 2020.

1. If I became a painter, it is to Eugène Boudin that I owe that fact.

2. Zaandam is wonderful. There is enough to paint here for a lifetime.


construction workers with one of the Haida poles with members of the Wallace family looking on from the stairs above
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Monumental Poles Among First Art Placed in the Martin Building (Video)

The Denver Art Museum team has completed the installation of its monumental Haida poles, marking the beginning of art installations for a redesigned and reinstalled Northwest Coast and Alaska Native gallery. The reimagined space will be among the first art galleries to reopen to the public in the initial phase of the renovated Martin Building on June 6, 2020. More

Quana Madison sitting in front of a wall with the words Paint Studio
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Contemporary Artists Discuss Claude Monet (Video)

In honor of the exhibition Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature, we asked Denver-based artists Quána Madison, Brady Smith, and Cami Galofre how Claude Monet inspires them and to share their advice about exploring the exhibition. Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature is on view at the Denver Art Museum through February 2, 2020. Buy tickets. More

photo from video with Sarah Melching and Angelica Daneo in front of 2 framed Monet pastel artworks on a table in the conservation lab
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Video Provides Close Look at Monet Pastels

In this video Angelica Daneo, Chief Curator and curator of European art before 1900, discusses two Monet chalk pastels made early in the artist's career. And Sarah Melching, Silber Director of Conservation, shows how the museum protects and preserves these artworks with specially engineered glass and microclimate envelopes.

See these artworks in Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature October 21, 2019-February 2, 2020. The Denver Art Museum is the sole U.S. venue for this exhibition.


Pam Skiles and Christoph Heinrich standing in front of a painting of fishing boats placed on an easel
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Assessing the Varnish on Monet's Fishing Boats

Watch this video with senior paintings conservator Pam Skiles and DAM director Christoph Heinrich to learn why Monet disliked varnish on his paintings and to hear about some of the considerations that go into conserving paintings at the DAM. More

Abstract painting in ash, sepia, gray, golden yellow, matte white, black, and tan called Realness by Mark Bradford
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Mark Bradford's Realness

On View in The Light Show through May 3, 2020

Mark Bradford creates wall-sized collages and installations that inspire wonder with intricately detailed canvases in response to impromptu networks—underground economies, marginalized communities, and abandoned urban buildings. More

One of Monet's paintings of water lilies
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Denver Botanic Gardens' Curator of Aquatic Collections Discusses Monet's Waterlilies 

Claude Monet’s paintings of his waterlily pond at Giverny are some of his most renowned works. The Denver Art Museum will have a dozen of these paintings on view in Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature (October 21, 2019-February 2, 2020). To prepare for the exhibition, I talked on site with Tamara Kilbane, curator of aquatic collections at the Denver Botanic Gardens, about their Monet Pool. More

Jordan Casteel speaking next to her two paintings at the media preview for her exhibition
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Learn More about the Jordan Casteel Paintings in Our Collection

Like many artists before her, Jordan Casteel is drawn to Harlem's vibrant street life and arts scene. Casteel's early paintings depicted black men and their relationships with one another. Later, the people and streets of Harlem became the subject of her work. As the artist shifted her gaze to her community at large, a focus on locally owned businesses emerged—the Ethiopian restaurant that she frequents, a shop owned by an acquaintance—which led to more frequent representations of women. More

Learn More about the Eames Storage Unit
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Learn More about the Eames Storage Unit

On View in Serious Play through August 25, 2019

Following the trauma of World War II, American architects and designers began to explore new ways of living and reimagined ordinary objects throughout the home in innovative ways. The Eames Storage Unit (ESU), a lightweight system of freestanding cabinets, was promoted as an inexpensive solution to the changing storage and display needs of postwar families. With the end of wartime rationing and a booming economy, Americans were acquiring more goods, and the storage and creative display of their possessions became a significant interest. More

The words Inside Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature superimposed on a detail of Monet's painting called Waterlilies and Japanese Bridge
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DAM Curators Discuss Monet's Life & Work 

In this video, Christoph Heinrich, Frederick and Jan Mayer Director, and Angelica Daneo, Chief Curator, discuss Monet's travels and motifs. Claude Monet: The Truth of Nature opens October 21, 2019. Tickets are now on sale. More

Analyzing the paint sample with a handheld XRF spectrometer
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Conserving an Ancient Roman Bust of Apollo

See it in The Light Show

Preparing for The Light Show exhibition gave the Denver Art Museum the opportunity to delve deep into its collection to find artwork and artifacts related to the theme of illumination. It was therefore fitting that a marble bust of Apollo, the God of Light, the Sun, Music, and Prophecy, was selected for a prominent place in this show.


illustration of the Owl and the Pussy-Cat by Edward Lear
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Learn about the Painter & Poet Edward Lear

We stopped by Drop-In Writing (led by Lighthouse Writers Workshop) last month for National Poetry Month to learn more about Edward Lear, one of the artists featured in Treasures of British Art: The Berger Collection. In addition to painting and illustrating, Lear is also famous for the children's poem, The Owl and the Pussy-Cat. More