the move team posed in front of a wall that has #Team Awesome on it

Some of the Denver Art Museum move team, AKA Team Awesome. Photo by Jeff Wells.

Saskia Robinson wrapping a base layer of poly around painting before packing.

Saskia Robinson wrapping a base layer of poly around painting before packing.

Bubble wrap in the freight elevator

Some of the more than nine miles of bubble wrap the team used during the move.

New World stone pieces packed in a box

New World stone pieces from study storage packed by the team.

Barcode tags

Barcode tags for artworks being moved into storage.

ancient glass items in a box

Ancient glass items from level 6 being transported to storage.

a woman's thumb next to a tiny dollhouse cup; the cup is about the size of the thumbnail

The smallest artwork packed and moved by the team. Photo by Cashel McGloin.

four men lifting a large painting

The largest painting to be removed from level 6 of the North Building. Thomas Hudson, The Radcliffe Family, ca. 1742. Promised Gift of the Berger Collection Educational Trust, TL-17968

artworks wrapped in poly on shelves

Objects staged after packing. Next, they were put into boxes or bins.

Boxes of artworks

Objects getting boxed for transit.

boxes in storage

Artworks safely stored away until the North Building reopens.

Art Move: Facts & Figures

In order to close the Denver Art Museum's North Building for renovation, thousands of artworks had to be packed and moved into storage. The following statistics were compiled by the exhibition and collection services move team (aka Team Awesome).

  • Objects in the North Building when project started: 36,500
  • Objects remaining in the North Building: 1 (Mud Woman Rolls On)
  • Longterm loans returned to lenders: 720
  • People involved in the move: 109 DAM staff and on-calls; 25 outside contractors
  • Smallest object moved: under .5 inch (a cup that is part of a Dutch dollhouse set from 1770)
  • Largest object moved: 16.5 tons (the Lao Tzu outdoor sculpture)
  • No. of truck trips to off-site storage: More than 150

Overall supply quantities used:

  • 19,500 ID tags
  • 69,972 sheets of newsprint
  • 85,710 ft. (16.2+ miles) of rolled tissue
  • 815 sheets of cardboard
  • 4555 cardboard boxes (of various sizes)
  • 650 pre-made pallets
  • 21,250 ft. (4+ miles) of poly (plastic) wrap
  • 54,528 yds. (31 miles; 715 rolls) of tape
  • 64,000 ft. (12+ miles) of rolled shrink wrap
  • 51,500 ft. (9.8 miles) of rolled bubble wrap

Photos: Unless otherwise noted, photos by Laura Elliff Cruz.

Laura Elliff Cruz is the collections manager at the Denver Art Museum. She has been at the DAM since January 2015.

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