photo of sunset taken with an iPhone

First place winner digital.echo

black and white photo

Second place winner Juliacmartin

a hand holding a piece of cotton up to the sky so the cotton looks like a cloud

Third place winner Darknessabides

black and white photo of a house in Japan

Fourth place winner Finkephoto

color photo of Maroon Bells reflected in water

Fifth place winner Teresacochranphotography

color photo

Sixth place winner @Jodyhultman

black and white photo of Firehole River in Yellowstone National Park at dawn

Seventh place winner Davidcongerstudio

triple exposure picture of a winter landscape with snow and bright sun

Eighth place winner Whereiskirsty

color photo of a misty morning in Colorado

Ninth place winner rickoshea_photo

mountain pass in the UK

Tenth place winner dahl.lizzy

Announcing the Winners of the #NewTerritoryCo Instagram Contest

Thank you to everyone who entered this contest. We saw so many great photos! Photography curator Eric Paddock said, "This was a really fun and interesting experience. There was so much energy among the participating artists, and so many great pictures, that it was awfully hard to settle on a final group. We’re grateful for the opportunity to see everything, and encourage everyone who submitted to keep making pictures!"

Please see the photos that finished in the top 10 in the slide show above (you can click the link to go to the person's Instagram account), and see the first- second- and third-place winners below. You can see all the photos entered at #NewTerritoryCo.


First place winner: @digital.echo. "Trying to get back in focus." #sunset #NewTerritoryCO @mymikescamera@denverartmuseum Sunset over a shopping plaza, taken with a #cheapiphonemacrolens

The Grand Prize is a Nikon D5600 Digital SLR with 18-55 VR Lens, a Mike’s Camera Perfect Picture Pak and a $100 Mike’s Camera Gift Card!

photo of sunset taken with an iPhone

The nine runner-up winners will receive a $50 Mike’s Camera Gift Card!


Second place winner @juliacmartin. "From New Orleans a few years ago. This image came about as an accident - I was using hand-rolled film and it fell off the reel as I reached the end of the roll. In a desperate attempt to save it, I used my coat as a makeshift dark bag and wound it back on the reel. Light was coming through the coat as I did this and completely ruined half of the roll, but created this fogging effect on the rest. To me the fogging mimicked the spirit world, something that is so prevalent in New Orleans culture. I began to purposefully fog my film to repeat this effect and to explore the relationship of the spirit world with nature. I’m hoping to explore this more soon. Sometimes accidents open your eyes to new thoughts and ideas in your work."

black and white photo


Third place winner @darknessabides.

"A Trashscape

On my final day in London, I decided to take a walk and reflect on my trip. As I wandered, a particularly interesting piece of refuse on the side of the street stood out to me. Cotton, ripped from a cushion was strewn about and for no reason other than annoyance, I scooped it up. London is not a clean city and so I decided that with my last moments there, I could pick up whatever trash I found during my saunter. By the end of my journey I had thrown away and recycled more than my household produced in a week. The last bit of trash I had held on to was the cotton and so I asked my brother (who had accompanied me) to hold it to the sky like a cloud so I could take a picture as a memento. To me this simple cloud signifies what beautiful things can become of waste. If I had decided to leave the trash in the street, as many others would have, then this picture would not exist and there’d be one more piece of trash in the world."

a hand holding a piece of cotton up to the sky so the cotton looks like a cloud

Jena Pruett is the communications and media relations coordinator at the Denver Art Museum. Jena has been at the DAM since January 2018.