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7 Fun Things to Do at the DAM with Kids This Summer


There’s always plenty for kids and families to explore at the Denver Art Museum. This summer, if you visit the museum with children, here are some suggestions for fun exhibitions and activities. All of the following are free for youth 18 and younger.

1. The Western: An Epic in Art and Film

The Western showcases paintings, sculptures, film clips, and movie posters telling the story of how the Western genre evolved. The exhibition features a gallery game (available in both English and Spanish) that will help kids slow down and really look at the art in front of them as they hunt down everything on the list of people, places, and stories. Download a free coloring page that goes with the exhibition. Not included in general admission. Special exhibition ticket needed for adults. Free for kids.

2. Play on the Plaza

Before you even enter the museum there's fun and creativity in store! Outside the Hamilton Building on the Martin Plaza we’re featuring La Musidora, an installation of musical rocking chairs created by two premier Mexico City designers.

On hot summer days, kids love to run in and out of the in-ground fountains.

3. Tableau

This installation is kid friendly–they can climb all over 3-D objects and take photos sitting on top of the moon or inside a whale. Hadley Hooper, the artist, left the story of Tableau purposefully undefined, letting visitors’ imaginations roam.

4. Mi Tierra: Contemporary Artists Explore Place

Compelling for visitors of all ages, Mi Tierra features the work of 13 Latino artists who made work exploring their experiences in the American West. Little kids can enjoy the colorful artworks while older kids and adults may be moved to have conservations about the important topics of the day explored in the artists’ work.

5. The Costume Studio

The Costume Studio invites kids (and adults) to explore the power of costume in developing characters and telling stories. The hands-on activities allow you to create characters and design your own costumes. Check out artist demonstrations from noon-3 pm each weekend.

6. Singing Sinks

Even sinks can be art. Jim Green’s aptly titled Singing Sinks in the restrooms on level one of the North Building serenade you with “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” Just stick your hands under the faucets to hear.

7. The Shop in the North Building

The Shop on the first level of the North Building is filled to the brim with books, toys, artmaking kits, puzzles, and games to spark children’s imagination.

Learn more about the DAM’s other programs and activities for kids and families.

Photo on our News & Stories page: @jenc_p

Carolyn Davidson was the 2017 summer writing intern in the marketing department at the Denver Art Museum.

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